2014: Dean Ambrose New Theme Song “Nuts” By CFO$ [HD]

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Here’s Dean Ambrose’s new theme song that he debuted on Monday Night Raw (16/06/2014). Song Information: Title: Nuts Artist: CFO$ Used By: Dean Ambrose Year: 2014 Copyrights: I DO NOT OWN…


Jordan Randall says:

Dean Ambrose – The New Chris Benoit

michelle Fox says:

i love this & i love dean

TheAwesomeKidd1001 says:

the new Dean Ambrose 2.0 is a bad ass theme fits him

BradleysGFX says:

This is a loop from his tron. The full song isn’t released. 

Paul Wulff says:

This has Chris Benoit theme undertones. Are y kidding me? How did people
not catch this in the WWE?

punkprincess02 says:

Cfo$ does everyone’s theme now don’t they?

Mewtwo says:

I don’t really like seth’s but I think this is awesome 

screamingzodiac says:

If u look up extreme wrestling on youtube u might find some clips of dean
not good ones but he is in them

Erick Montgomeryy says:

I love dean ambrose he is to sexy true fangirl

SnookerMafiaVektor says:


Romeo Ciuciu says:

Dean Ambrose!!!!

Derek Tupas says:

Dean Ambrose theme song like DBZ

matthew Sales says:

This at double speed is awesome

brian finch says:

omg benoit as resurrected this as riff 

Carlie Nye says:

At first it was hard to not picture him with the Shield song but I dig this
song too.

Bbuk B says:


TheGamerNoob23 says:

Nuts xD

Bernard Lim says:

Song doesn’t really say Titty Master to me. This is a generic theme that
fits him…I love it!!!!

Trollphysics13 says:

the fucking psycho to ally glad they dropped the shield gimmick and Just
let him be crazy

Cody Taylor says:

The tueme was confirmed to be called Lunatic Rage, not Nuts.

X. Foster says:

This song suits him

Eddie Price says:

CFO$ stands for cock full of money lol no im just kiddin I love this band

pablo escobar says:

sounds as the stone cold theme but backwards

Buster The Fearmonger says:

so, what does CFO$ stand for? :P

MMNSavatage says:

Disciple, Big Mother Thruster, Mercy Drive, Theory of a Deadman, and alot
of other bands performed themes not just CFO$

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