3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

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Music video by 3 Doors Down performing Kryptonite. (C) 2000 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


XxnoregretzxX says:

Great song….

Azalon66 says:

It’s so cool playing this on acoustic guitar, great song.

Magnus Fahlén says:

*Unlike Superman … I really like Kryptonite … ;-)*

#3doorsdown #fridaysrock #goodmusicforgoodpeople 

Vijay Nafria says:

this song is among my top two all time favorite, cos of DBZ tribute
video…..didn’t ever saw the original before ….. now its ruined for life

Arnaldo Terri G says:

LA la la :)

ben white says:

you know its gonna be a good video when it starts out with a old guy in his

Will Matney says:

Even though the character of superman is a fictional one. The planet which
he was from , Krypton. Is like Earth is to us. In a last desperate attempt
to leave it due to the destruction of krypton because of the misuse of Its
resources. May be we too will cast out an Earth child to a different planet
and have super powers due to the different molecular differences of being
and environments but his or her kryptonite would be earthenite. A weakness
of physiological makeup which cries from the core of the matter and
connected to his very soul of being the only one which survived to be

Shawn Murphy says:

I think this song did well because it really emphasizes the dying of a
loved one.

Tony Mas says:

AOL tried to trick me…

flora cash says:

life is risky! so take a chance on us.

…you’ll be glad you did. :)


JayDragon7 says:

Makes me think of Tony Hawk Underground.

Trish Janas says:

yeah rock out lol…..

legittricks22 says:

Great song, but a weird video

Ozan Zoban says:


alberto V.D says:


Alex Cole says:

Love the song but WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! this video is jacked up

natalie house says:

Remind me of my ex…but don’t miss him

Sandra A.E. says:


Alexa Meyers says:

Ok then….

Eddie T Dead says:

The superheroes in this video are just a representation of the role a man
plays in a relationship, traditionally. They are the protector, as superman
is of the planet, they are of their loved ones. “If I go crazy, then will
you still call me superman” means, if I change for the worse, as I get old
and lose my looks, my motor skills, my mind, will you still feel the same,
will I still be your protector? The old men are still trying to be
superheroes. Just thought I’d clear that up for anyone as people still seem
to be wondering. Fantastic song.

Yordan Sampon says:

Does the lead singer not look like Michael Shannon from Man of Steel?? it
cant just be me.

Jonny Taylor says:

That is not cannon (nerd voice

Atray Pickens says:

Really love this song. Intro for my first project blending rock/hiphop/rap/
into 1.Check it out and leave feedback on soundcloud.

Clyde Broflovsky says:

first 3 seconds reminds me of the intro of RHCP californication.

Outfaced Viking says:

any given time this song plays in a public place; gym, mall, anywhere, take
a look around at how many people are mouthing the words to themselves

Antonis Zidianakis says:


Charles Holmes says:

good song brings back nice memories of a place called kryp

trendy gal says:

+Lora Cash preach!

Evelynn;) loves you :D says:

I was nine when this came out and i still love it

Michele Snow says:


Disolian says:

Kickass for old people

Finalstar5 says:

So this is the grand-father of Kick Ass? 

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