45+ Songs! 2012-2013 End of the Year/New Year Mashup (“End of the World”)

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CHECK OUT MY 2013/2014 END OF THE YEAR MEGA MASHUP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxFgH721tZs Time to celebrate the new year 2013 in style…with a mashup …


Alessia Capelli says:

I love youuuu 1D <333
this mashup is wonderful !! very good !!

Heather Godbout says:

Love it!!! Like literally it’s actually beyond that

smiler&songs says:

i loved that year’s music

shivani chokupermal says:

luvin dis

maria camila says:

los wandi *-* son tan asdfghjklñ

Alessia Capelli says:

fantastic !!!

thosetmntninjas tho says:

hi I am making a video for school and needed some music would you mind if I
used this mash up as long as I give credit it would be amazing if I could!!

pj limbeek says:

Great mash up can wait till next years

kobalov1 says:

where can i buy it on itunes?

dbproductions says:

heyy guyss :)
i have a mashupp
i know its not a good one
but would you like to watch it?
Just visit my Channel :)
Thanks a lot guys :)

Nik Zurick says:

I can’t find the mashup I heard on the radio. It had Miley Cyrus so it was
recent. Shazam doesn’t know what it is either. But this is good. 

destiny alvarado says:


georgianna dean says:

Didn’t know it was fuqkin possible to mix more than 10 songs at a time
that’s talent

Tiarne Mcmillan says:

Does anyone know the other song starting at 3.15, I know “we are young” and
adele but not the other song…

Ashugolu Pawar says:


Erin Bashford-Hobbs says:

Too many great words to describe this 

wendy goh says:

I’m so posting this on facebook

Trinity M says:


Aryion Motogusinile says:

that is some good stuff right there

Hippie Lotte says:


Fay Malik says:

how do you make this
? it’s amazing

Jaklin Pesheva says:

It must have taken AGES to make this! Soo many songs!

Joshua Reindl says:

What’s the song at 3:15

Lareb Asif says:

love this!! *subscribed*

Mark David Bulandos says:

2013 songs that I loved so much..

Jessica Skaryd says:

this is just amazing!

MrScip60 says:


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