50 Cent – The Funeral (Official Music Video)

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Behind The Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpxxhYjUoYI New music video by 50 Cent performing The Funeral. Track off of Animal Ambition, album coming …


Streat King says:

Are you guys Ready for Animal Ambition?

dibils89 says:

finally 50 rapping again

thetayster says:

Whew, Fif back on his grimy shit. Can’t wait to see what he drops this

Medo Elhaj says:

yeahhh!! he is back ladies and gentlemen 

shibtanu biswas says:

Hot track….but this gangsta shit does not work in this time. 50 is
history. sad but true. Sorry.

ELBE L Sweed says:

Fitty good shit man i told you you gonna get backup from that seat.
See ya in NYC 

Kai Turner says:

Does this song have a purpose

Jay Zach says:

“In a room full of people came to pay their respect, I just came to get a
close look at a nigga to check” Lol, this nigga probably aint bullshittin

Spazz says:

killin it

PEchi Vole Onlajn says:

“…He just went on and on till ni66az start attackin, actin like he was
the only motherfucker packin…” damn .. Fif back !!!!!!

Vano Levykin says:

50 is back!!!

Olívia M. says:

50 cent is back <3

cheezytacos says:

Tell that story 50. This is straight poetic, reminds me of your shit when
you were coming up. Big ups from the Bay Area, we still fuck with you

Elwin Tate says:

Dark0magic this is 50 style on 50 bars it wasn’t an hook just a story and
for all da ppl saying he’s back he never left shidd listen to the lost
tape, the big 10, 5 murder by numbers. Listen to Outlaw they burn me, and
etc wake up n stop going to sleep on him this

S Kay says:

trash. super boring

Mustafa Senegal says:

50 cent animal ambition!

MrBullitan says:

Nice to hear 50 drop that dope s***.


Its 50 its 50 its 50 muthafucka. The king of un sugar coated rap.!

nubianfx says:

Lemme find out 50 still got some decent music in him! What? This is great 

Ħǿssąm Ěssąm NąŞrầ says:

This Sh*t is Dope . if Em was here it will be better i think . Slim Shady
And 50 The Street King Rap .

Abdullah Ibrahim says:

For as long as I have loved you I wish success to you may be the loss of
you after you get away from the shady, but the change is required

I loved you and I loved your intelligence Ripper and I wish you success in
the rest of your life

50 Cent for ever

Kelly Stunna Jr says:

his voice!!!!!

CNOW040 says:

Fitty back

Kester Pedro says:

see, now this the 50 I grew up on, this the 50 i know. pure heat!

Viktor M says:

Nice work FIF !!

Ruslan RiZ says:

real shit, love it!

jojojojo bodieboed says:

More 50 we want more

georges cesar says:

He might be back with this one

mandeep singh says:

Fifty is getting back 


50 cent is back…

Troy Fonseca says:

Dammmmmmmn 50 KILLED it.

Dale Toca says:

50 bars part 2

Kieran James says:

O.G 50

Moh Hall says:

that’s the real 50 cent the king of rap

Alessio Merone says:

#AnimalAmbition June 3rd.

LoveRapHipHop94 says:

Thats that 50..fire

Remington Permesar says:

Love the storytelling shit this is hot 

Yahya Ismail says:

THIS SHIT IS HOT!!!!! WOW! between this and that “This is Murder Not Music”
I feel like 50 has been stepping it all the way up… I support it, and
will be buying the album, dope 

DJ Smu says:

Looks like Fifty is finally back on the shit i like to hear.
Storytelling raps.

Snagg Dadon says:

Shit Sikkk fif!

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