A Distant Calm – “Exodus” Official Music Video

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Watch the official music video by A Distant Calm for their hit single “Exodus” For more information on A Distant Calm, check them out on Facebook! https://ww…


KatieCannotFly says:

I came here expecting exodus and got this.
Very disappointed.
Another band that sounds like every other.

ThoseGuysWithGits says:

amazingly good, love it

Mattsnotyours says:

erm … Those highs.
Also … This is equal parts Metal as fuck and Groovy as sin!

Understated, zero pretention … great music, just, great.

Matt Duarte says:

Everyone check out the band Famous Last Words they’re awesome 

Aprilmelia says:

Too much inhale screams for my liking tbh like its good but it’s missing

Deadshot Rising says:

No it isn’t real metal, its far from it. Its good, very good, but not real
metal. Fool

Andrew Paul says:

This is real metal..

MultiBigNipples says:

Where’s the tits

Tiarie Mendez says:

Subscribe to my channel please! :D

tyler way says:

Totally reminds me of architects

Harry Wills says:

Melodic hardcore elements make this so much better, such a good song.

Randy Butternubs says:

fix the description bryan

BrittanyBliss123 says:

This is really good!

theBorritotrooper says:


Spencer Coronado says:

Is the screamer using a High pass filter..? Sounds like Alvin the Chipmunk

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