A Promise Official International Trailer #1 (2014) – Richard Madden Movie HD

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pomping14 says:

Goddamn these Game of Thrones people are everywhere now.xD

Gill Dawe says:

Goddamn, Alan Rickman just can’t get a break.

Boat says:

This movie is going to end with Robb Stark being locked in and murdered by
Severus Snape’s goons during his secret affair.

cop030 says:

I have to go to mexico for 2 years…(woman starts crying) Don’t worry
though, ill send you a postcard :D

Baka Waka says:

Awwwwwwwwww shit Snape, i feel for u man

IkeMFTurner says:

The guy has a multi million dollar opportunity that he’s worked his life
for and the woman’s reaction… “No, I can’t live without you.” That bitch
sounds selfish. Rob Stark shoulda grown a sack and kicked her off the team
right there. Step up yo game fellas. 

Alicia Livingston says:

Another cheating wife. English patient anyone

Riley Brewer says:

Severus Snape just can’t seem to keep a girl can he?

Lauren Zimmerman says:

Ahhhhhhh its Robb Stark and Severus Snape!!!!!!

Bruce Wayne says:

Robb Stark what are you doing?

wck93ify says:

okay he messed with filch and looked where it got him. and now his messing
with snape? cmon man!

Luis Pedro Dominguez Aldana says:

King of the North 

JitoLibidoHTS says:

So, king in the north fucks snape’s wife. dammit robb, same mistake all
over again. 

Epic4Evr1990 says:

Rob Stark Yay.

smjai477 says:

Snape got old!

PianoDiva20 says:


Baryeri Enggarnadi says:


marcio alafranca says:

What a prick

starprincess66 . says:

does love only exist when it is forbidden?

Aaron C says:


Terrance Greig says:


behindDkeys says:

so thats how snape lost the woman of her dreams

Oscar Medina says:


Marina Yamaguti says:


Janet Lopez says:

It’s Snape haha

Nick Boothby says:

silly robb dont you remember what happened last time you met a women

Arad Ankri says:

Alan Rickman ! ; )

HouZeR DeWitt says:

Rob Stark ! I miss you dude T_T 

mskittykat1101 says:

would have still picked snape.

KK Malik says:

OMG! Severus?! Da hell!
I did NOT recognise him!!!
*~* This movie looks good

MacKaili says:

I was like that sounds like snape and holy shit it was, love his voice

Jin Nat says:

will watch it if its rated NS :D

Marlene Barratt says:

Poor Snape. He can never find a women to fully love him. Lol. 

Angel Ryzing says:

There is nothing like a wand battle between a resurrected Robb Stark and a
surprisingly aged Severus Snape after an accidental ingestion of a
pro-aging potion.

Azeraph says:

Bloody old voyeur tosser, Rickman must pull this off like a charm and good
old Rob playing the younger idiot that plays right up the old buggers
alley, must be a good story. Lady Chatterly’s lover?

The sexy Rebecca chastely adorned in total coverup of that fucked up time
period, it must of been murder for the young men of that era not having
porn to wake and go to sleep on like these days.

This looks like a good pommy rocker of a good movie, hopefully it lives up
to the trailers tease.

Claudia LaReggie says:

Snape! Right?

Chanie says:

ALAN RICKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

Sahil Rajkoomar says:

King of the North!

Cairell Marwan says:

i saw an old version of Professor Severus Snape? and the movie looks

TheFluffNuggets says:

Snape grew a stache and married a muggle….. oh sheeeit.

asuma1997 says:

Snape just has bad luck 

sam nicholson says:

Ah so that’s where Robb Starks gone

haremzlover says:

What a whore. :0

Raúl Narea says:


Hemant Sugrim says:

Snape got old

mizzyhermano says:

Don’t attend in a wedding Robb!

firul amry says:

that handheld camera shot just doesnt fit this kind of movie

Caissa Ligne says:

Long live to the King in the north!!!!!!

Daniel Goodman says:

Alan Rickman’s voice is a thing of beauty

jessflores51 says:


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