Adele – Someone Like You

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Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2011 XL Recordings Ltd.


mustafa david albayrak says:
Victorius34MG says:

adele precious

karol sena says:

*Sometimes it lasts in love*
sometime it hurts instead!!!

gerald foster says:

Love is nothing but pain.

Amy Winehouse says:

She is good but I’m better

Nina Ninica says:

Adele is so beautiful

Emily Nguyen says:

she’s pretty

esmy Morales says:

It’s not over 4 me

معتصم الحواري says:

big like :) 

p0tehacker says:

you mlay fa life livornico land fos man jitou yoan play smafh toff lindasjd

Sarah Wheeler says:

I almost cried, this song brings back a lot of memories… 

Fatima Jama says:

A song that never gets old!!!

Gothica Reflection says:

here you can fing the hotest and the sexiest gothic girls and models:

FisicoKart1 says:

I love this song and Adele! :)

Daniel Cantrell says:

Love is pain

Joanna O'Connor says:

absolutely beautiful! What a voice!

ariana grande says:

Omg I love it and I love u Adele

Yerlyann Marie Gonzalez Ramos says:

that song and that artist is my favorite song and artist love you ADELE

elena skurovskii says:

Moldova and Romania adores you.Come there!Evrybody is waiting you!

xavon jackson says:


Ram Ramo says:

Would you please listen to my cover of this song? :3 It’s on my channel,my
only video uploaded.

Gary DeLine says:

Another great one.

Nathalia Pendragon says:

This song never gets boring…..

Raimundo Nonato Pereira Da Silva says:

Muita linda a musica

Tony McCardell says:

i fucking like this song #Tdotapproved

Silat Urban says:

i know why did adele always cry when she was singing, i thought she’s lyric
of song is so touchy and deeply and adele’s voice has made it perfect.

Kun Sokdajyuth says:


basad ucuk says:



Someone Like yOu

sandreengr8est says:

music so phenomenal

Abdul Karim Razak says:

GUD BYE love

leonleonleon1313 says:


mamat kawal says:


Queen teyaf says:

Someon like you ……… Very nice

kemal kara says:

will you marry me?

jay pee says:

Lyrics Deep, you don’t come up with something like this unless you been
through some SHIT emotionally, she turned that pain into a positive, good
for her. 

Anthony Denman says:

might as well smile

Ahmed Fakhouri says:


Brooklin Folck says:

i love this song

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