Alicia Keys – No One (Official HD Music Video)

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Music video by Alicia Keys performing No One. © 2007 Sony BMG/J Records. Produced, written and performed by Alicia Keys feat. Kerry Brothers, from the album …


Htinès Sandy says:

Happy BDay A.K. {*_*} i wish u a bautiful day.

tom tom tom to to tom tom tom says:


Marvin Iron Teeth Jr says:

The wife & I’s song to one other, I love you Itty Bitty. :-*

vic2354 says:

Damn shes a bad one! i love me some Alicia Keys! 

Maggie R says:

This song is amazing, it’s me and my moms favorite song.

Em says:

Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis are both so amazingly gorgeous. 

CK W says:

i hope things is gonna be better with me and my girl……………………
this song is mine 4 ever

Orion Bossert says:

Sometimes I sing this song to Jesus Christ, cause it works! 

Adrian Sanchez says:


unDelii Mariianii says:

😀 la amee

Otgoro Maki says:

Soul-pop in this channel … what sorprise I like this =)

Claudia Nikte says:

se escucha genia la cancion me gusta muchoooo ♥ : )

Lorena Rizo says:

Love the song!! Congrats!

Kilah Farmer says:


kob rattana says:

Thank you xxx

kob rattana says:

I love you xxx

Rosemary Blanche says:
Isabella Nonadeca says:

♥ Morenas rules! Ella si es cantante!!!
fuck the blondes!


Nathali Carmona says:

Muy bella canción

Сергей Седов says:

Красиво, ну и секси.

fabrizio loffredi says:

la femminilità della musica!!!!!!

Elisabetta Pinna says:

Mi piace troppo era la mia suoneria del natale 2006

Hector Franco says:

Buenos días, tengan todos un excelente primer día de 2014 – Alicia Keys –
No One (Official HD Music Video)

Esther Evangelista says:
almaya74 says:

Hermosa, simplemente linda!!

alessandra bueno says:

eu amo essa gata………….. brasil alessandra bueno é nois

joeybarthekingofpop2 says:

אני עובר עם השיר הזה תהליך מחדש

alessandra bueno says:

eu amo essa gata………….. brasil alessandra bueno é nois

Abu Abs Monnan says:

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