Asking Alexandria – Not The American Average (Official Music Video)

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Asking Alexandria live music video for “Not The American Average” from Epicenter 2011 in Irvine, CA at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Asking Alexandria’s bra…


Loryn Taylor says:

im totally that chick on my boyfriend’s back lol. I would just be lik “OH

Emelye Smythe says:

Bens hair in this video <3

Christopher Collins says:

i’m the blonde kid screaming in the beginning!
Let me tell yah, AA killed it at Epicenter 11′!
This was the side stage and I was so happy the played there.
Shit got super rowdy quick. Really brought out the energy early in the day!
Seen them 3 times (warped, mayhem, and “this”)
I had the best time seeing them at Epicenter!

jefferson silva says:

Asking Alexandria >>>>> Not The American 

Ariella A says:

3:52 looks like an Icee or whatever u call it

Loryn Taylor says:

10 INCH!!!! LOL

Sophie Rousset says:

1) YOU STUPID FUCKING WHORE 2) Danny’s voice~

Dom Foster says:

seen these live :) anyone jealous?;D hehe
follow me for a follow back <3

Henry14arsenal2007 says:

yup, this is so much worse than the American average

John Papeleras De Castro says:

Danny your fuckin’ awsome… 

Teya Pinkney says:

Fucking bitch.

Samuel Mak says:

I really don’t like the clean vocals but I like the riffs and the scream

SuperHeavenAndHell says:

Bens part completes me

Hunter Williams says:

4:32 tities

Laura Anderson says:

Just going full-on fangirl when Ben and Cameron are headbanging at the same

Sally williams says:

You stupid fucking whore!

Daniel O'Connor says:

Anyone know what type of jacket he’s wearing the name of the style of the

Paul Sorescu says:

more like “millions of people around the world”, Danny

Eliézer Torres Faria says:

Like heavy Metalcore? haha you’ll like the band For Today … Help her …
Thank you! likes a page on facebook?

Thank you =)

da ginger says:

love this song ~ <3

Legit Synyster says:

Avenged Sevenfold fucking rip offs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savio Renilson says:

Asking Alexandria <3

tobias rivera says:

I bring her to her knees

João Pellegrine Sep says:

Askin Alexandria ♥ Brasil :3 ♥

deathofdarkness34 says:

Seen them live 3 times!! I went and seen them when they first started in
the diamond ballroom and last I saw of them was in my state last mayhem
fest 2012 with slipknot, as I lay dying oh man what a show! I need to go to
another one of their concerts again and mosh the fuck out!!^^

rebadelaineymarie says:

When Danny screams whore he kind of sounds like my grandmas coffee maker.

Kentleigh T. says:

“Hundreds of thousands of people”
Try 16 million

Muhammad Ojott Fahroji says:

fucking bitch!!!

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