Assassin’s Creed 3 Meets Parkour in Real Life

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Watch the behind the scenes in this link! Assassin’s Creed 3 just got released! Check out their sweet interactive Trailer in this…


Peter Yufka says:

this is freerunning no parkour , parkour is the fastes way from A to B no
saltos etc. but really nice video

AlexanderHo2001 says:

I want to be as Good as you, but im Only 12 so there is still a chance!!!!!
I also have an assassins creed costume i have made!!!

Carlo Villarante says:

The Frontier and The Davenport Homestead :)

Lori Escobedo says:

I love it!

Foczenyx says:

Wow !

Amélie Sirois says:

The horse is just like ”Oh, well, I gotta go. Other business to attend

Nik Vlogs says:

all of dis just for a guy on a horse…

iamchristian101 says:

Assassins don’t do flips

Mathew stachovic says:

he could just shoot that guys horse and shoot him to right

spotongbob says:

Wow !!!

Mercurial Inquistor says:

I hope assassins creed will last as long as final fantasy

Amethyst Kikyo says:

I just had some epic goosebumps!! Awesome!!

Preston Ellis says:

no he’s right that’s why it’s called FREErunning

billie christianto says:

i never see conor or ezio or even kenway did that

Wazzap Gaming says:




Dallas Martin says:

You just earned yourself 10 million cool points and a subscriber

Raguna163 says:

I like how he runs and flips off a tree just to turn around and run the
other way in order to catch up.

Hammerhead cobot says:

Im already as good as you

Bayasaa aramis says:

Just kill the guy in the horse first :)). Still epic thou

Talrynf says:

I think you should pointlessly flip more next time

david carranza says:

because walking normal is so mainstream

Dakaraa HD says:

Make a Video; Assassin’s Creed Brootherhood Meets Parkour in Real Life
With 5 Parkour runner ! That were awesome !

PRpawlo says:

Wow !

Ciro Baldinucci says:

2:24 Is that Gabe Newell?

Matthew Duan says:


Hooeygames says:

He could have just shot him in the beginning with the gun on the ground but
I guess there is just no fun in that.

era sixx says:

The people who disliked this video i’ll punch in the face (:

Beverly Serozynski says:

awsome and love it

DieguinGames says:

sb tell me how can you call that music to download please

TheYuri1212 says:

You lack Ezio’s parkour.

P-240gamingTH says:


hector luis hernandez gonzalez says:

you are a god

suhaan chandi says:

man good

Jan Pernica says:

I would grab that gun and shoot him in his back…

Mario Scarafile says:


julia kim says:

He did all this just to kill 1 guy?…..LUV IT :D

KROKOdylek says:

Wow , nice !!!!!!! It’s a good 😀 so who like this XD

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