Avicii – Hey Brother (Lyric)

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AzeR Dreaming Official says:

Hey, we are ‘AzeR Dreaming’ an emerging EDM duo from Hungary. If anyone
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Tara Smith says:

Wats going on with this video?

yara masry says:

I love how the pictures matches the song but damn that woman’s gotta be a

_Aced_ says:

is this country? XD

Rottmann870 says:

I’m gonna sound like a grammar Nazi, but isn’t it supposed to be “lose it

O. LACRIMA says:


Hagai Reuh says:

Hey Brother . . .~ ~

Scott K says:

Lose, not loose.

gabrisyn39 says:

Hey guys, I’ve just made an acoustic cover of this song! I know that spam
is not a good thing to do, so I really need you’re help! Just a view could
make the difference, thanks for read it! 

mpampis makis says:


Fernando Costa says:

This is a very cool video.

sebas ruiz says:

Avicii – David guetta ?

Katnisś Everdeen says:

Awesome , I love this song and this is a great quality version 10000 likes
if only I could like that much……

Jessica Smile says:


Adrian Rosa Garcia says:

A ver y godo Sony

Lao- Tse says:

Brasil Ai ?

PixsDrum says:

heeeey brother ♥

Jennifer Jujuba says:

Nice song…

umdomoving1 says:

sounds like country music hehe <3


J’adore !

Eji sarnieum says:


Willem Duikboot says:

Like this page please.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gilgamesj-Epos/192497294294565?fref=ts It’s
for a project on school.
Thanks everyone!

Manuela Gimenes says:

Hey brother <3 :B

XMarsher PD says:

That girl at the end just looks like miley cyrus! XD

Louise C says:

Great ^^ :)

Christie webster says:

love this song i can listen to it millions of times and not get board of it
love it <3

Queen Kerrigan says:

Perfect song Thumb up 

pokerfacegal says:

I wish there was an actual lyrics or audio video with the whole song for
mobile. I dont know why but that posh bitch chewing with her pouty red lips
annoys me. Like wtf does chewing have to do with this video. Was hoping at
the end she was gona choke lol unfortually she dident X(

Leon Finkel says:


Jorge Parrón says:

Fantastic but is not loose is ”Lose”

Mohammed awad says:


Caveman Zipper says:

Ok srsly everyone, loose it all is also an acceptable term as far as phrase
Lose makes more sense but still, I highly doubt it’s a typo.

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