Avril Lavigne – Complicated

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Music video by Avril Lavigne performing Complicated. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 21200158 (C) 2003 Arista Records, Inc.


nowera albazeeya says:

ow yeh..

ya remineded me..
I’ll delete all ma crappy videos;)

poop Victoria DUCKS says:

I love this song so much though ^_^

JonnyHarding101 says:

this song is a Decade old…fuck..I wish awesome music like this was still

Lily Hearn says:

omg i love this song

Amber Morris says:

shes so awesome

Sarah London says:

well guys, #caturday, #selfiesunday, and #musicmonday
I’ve posted all of my new music obsessions for right now (WATCH THEM), so…
Avril Lavigne – Complicated

Elijah Cothern says:

Avril Lavigne is like the girl version of me

Kayla T says:

Memories…. So many memories are hitting me while I’m watching this. Good
ol’ Avril. ^^

GummyTheWolf says:

Why ya gotta go and make me…constipated?

fightnight14 says:

The last time i watched this video was just like yesterday (actually a
decade ago) wow

nowera albazeeya says:

i wanna be you:c

sawatzky4 says:

She got gangbanged right after this

novadeus777 says:


john baldwin says:


alteye1 says:

She was my big time celebrity crush back then. Just wow, she looked

Rawad Hayek says:

Watching this makes me cry. One part because of nostalgia, the other is due
to the low standards of music these recent years

황정원 says:

Avril from her 1st&second album is my idol.. I’m not sure about the rest of
the album though.

AYEwhatido says:

Randomly wanted to hear this song

Annie Konstantinov says:

why’d they get so pumped about the mall jeez

Sir MedievalOffline says:

I love this song XD. So sad they don’t make most music this good :(

sofiane blida says:

belle chanson.

Chiara Iacobucci says:

I can even explain how much i love this song, how much i love this
avril(and the new one too) but unfortunatly I didn’t live this Avril, but
well, the thing is, that avril, you saved my life, and you still saving me,
all days. I don’t care what the people said about you, for me you are the
BEST. Thanks for helping with myself, you saved me. I love you, today and

Shelby Storckman says:

+Lily Hear it emans me 2

Samantha Kok says:

I wish I got these friends

ferl Ferrera says:

LIke it!!!!!!!!!

Luqas Fernando says:

My love *-*

Liselore Brosens says:

thats thotely complicated

Sherlock key says:

Haven’t heard this song in forever. I didn’t even know the title. Best song
ever. Better than any song on the radio now 

Matthew Nash says:

pure nostalgia , the songs kerrang played 10 years ago :)

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