Avril Lavigne – Give You What You Like (Lyric On Screen) HQ

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From her self-titled album ” Avril Lavigne ” (buy the album here: http://smarturl.it/avril-lavigne). She posted that this will be 4th single but unfortunately. Source: https://twitter.com/AvrilLa…


jholene says:

the avrils’ fans has called black stars?

buckeyexroots says:

I love these type of songs. They have such a haunting melody, and I
especially love this song. It’s one of my favorites off her album. Avril
has always been and will always be my favorite. <3 

Sarah Hale says:

She needs a music video for this x__x

Naysila DoYo says:

nice song…love you avril

Tammi Laura says:

I love this song!!!!

♬ Opus Of Avril Lavigne ♩ says:

Guys, I hope you really enjoy this video, go ahead to share this video !

Xjean bang says:

fifty shades of grey…sountrack

Wing Lee says:

Can I have the background picture?

Jonida Koci says:

She has changed a bit her music style.
This song is a total perfection i love it so much but it shows that Avril
has started to be more mature and change her style she isn’t a punk skater
girl any more she is a stunning queen and all the little black stars are
her soldiers u.u

Aline Alves says:

Very well

Sam Garcia says:

the rumors says that this is her new single…. would be awesome ! 

alberto Cortes says:

angelfly168 says:

Johnny Cash anyone?

Bimbona Umunyana Mary Grace says:
Puriphat Phattalapuripass says:

How i get this picture.

TheFilmFuture says:

i think this is gonna be her next chart topping song if released

primgrace says:

Her voice suits this style SOOO much oh my god**

Taylor Jackson says:

not Avril style, but still like it ((:

Gustavo Luna says:

In 2:38 I guess it says “Is it worth to listen?” But I that’s what I guess

Tyra Crooks says:


Choo Choo Charlotte says:

I love Avril, she has such good taste and knows how to put music together,
as well wonderful lyrics. I feel like this song takes me back to the old
Avril when
she first came out…. I love this song, and I love the way she sings it.
:) thanks for uploading, xoxo

LeahBee831 says:

Love it! Can’t wait for the single and music video!

natida chemxananou says:

the picture is so pretty :) she looks like a doll

Narges Ghorbani says:

I really like song’s heavy space …

Leslie Garcia says:

I’m in deep love with dis song

MisteriousGirl says:

Give you what you like…

Yuko Kanoe says:

i dont like new avril lavigne, but this song is ok

Dawn Angel says:

~ Fantastic Photographer ~

Durdane Haciyeva says:

give me what i want….. gooooddd!!!

Azul Kastro says:

Wow! you did such a good job on this. (:

Albert Alvarez says:

this is the new avril lavigne single, she just comfirmed it!

SkaTeR_GiRL-x says:

oh mah gahhd i love her!

amber proctor says:

i’ll give you what you like….
love this song. 

Lo Clara says:


Alex Lewis says:

Avril has just confirmed via Twitter that Give You What You Like is
OFFICIALLY the 4th single!! YYAAAYY! :D

Lisna Culbye says:


Joseph Cullen says:

I’ve been a fan of Avril since day one, and this is by far one of my

katie shepherd says:


1747CT says:

The first chorus, OMG her voice… Out of this world

Giovanni Rera says:

yeah! this will be the next single!! =)
Chek out my channel

Marit Clearman says:

“…I’ve got this scene in my head I. Not sure how it ends is it love maybe

ghazal saff says:

sO nicce I lOVE iT (AvrILL ) <3

Andi Ma says:

like it like always

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