AWOLNATION – Sail (Official)

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The official Music Video for “Sail” by AWOLNATION Megalithic Symphony available now on: iTunes: Amazon: http://smarturl…


Swine ~ Quit. says:

What is illuminati?

TehGamer303 says:

Whats the video/song about? can someone help me!!

Pauhl Gamming says:

perfect music ♥

Aqui é br rapass D:

[PT] Neo Blue says:

Guys just stop saying that he is illuminati and that stuff, let me tell you
something: I studied music for 3 years and this videoclip is not famous
just because this dude is in some conspiracy business, it’s famous because
he combined viral and polimic content (that polemic stuff, about
illuminati, deep web, aliens, etc… conspiracy theories in general) with a
very good melody and singer! This is not Satan workship or the product of
some blood demonic pact, THIS IS MUSIC.

BTW, in the video he is a conspiracy theorist just like you guys, so… why
being against him?


The Official Music Video for “Sail” #AWOLNATION 

Ituri Derp says:

I find this to be a cool song c; Not sure about the music video, but. I
like the lyrics. :) It means something to me at least, oh how I’d love to
run away with someone else, someone who would also love to ‘Sail’ with me

Marie Flutterby says:

Love Love this song!

NO I`ve never been abducted by aliens! lol O,o

MrFlauxhol says:

Praise the Lord 😀

Gabe Newell ^^

Northico says:

What means the green light? And was he trying to hide (I think that he was
hiding) in the bathtub? And the thing that, possibly make this green light,
opened the door?
(1:50 – 2:11)
He looks sad after it, and tries to grab the wall, because it looks like
something is pushing him… But then, it appears crouched/crawling and
closes the door. wtf. I don’t know why, so I’ll blame the A. D. D.

Rachel Angel says:

♥ Love this song♥This is how I show my love
I made it in my mind because…….

JessieVanellopeMHD says:


Natalia Sanchez says:

0MG I think I’m paranoid<3 ♪ ♪ ♩ ♩ ♀ ҉

Júlio Koole says:

Firts time i see a parody have 4,5x more clicks than the original, and i
have decades of internet .-.

Lex Luthor says:

this music video is about being paranoid. the illuminati symbols,the alien
stuff,him running into his house and closing the blinds. when he is being
draged it means he think he is being abducted by aliens. he is going crazy.
or maybe he is actually being abducted…….. he only gets abducted at the
end. him closing the door and hiding from them shows that he either kept
predicting which dates they were coming for him, and they all failed. or he
is actually hiding from something, they just took awhile to find
him….theirs also referencing what people would be like if he said
anything to anyone, he would be marked as crazy….. i dont know, their
could either be alot of meanings, or just one simple answer.

keywarplaysMC says:

It’s sad you made it and got less than 30 million views, while people who
stole it got 120 million views…

Oliver Chavez says:

which is that image in the minute 1:05

Marcus Matias says:

the fuckin musica

fanckush says:

found the original

ashley holder says:

It was funny when they zoomed in on the illuminati 

Sagaam says:

Here because of PLL ;)

Rexlikeaboss rex says:


joey zook says:

anyone notice the illuminati symbol in there at all?

Morgan Woolford says:


Gamers says:

James Rodrigez C:

samsamsammy2013 says:

+Ray McGrath lol if you didn’t already know (obviously you don’t) this is
recorded history. Why don’t you try researching and finding conclusions
before you try a stunt like that again…

CoolBoyManHD says:

The illuminati is in this video clip 2! Why WHY FUCKING WHYYYYY

Uiran Porcincula says:

*❝ B R A S I L ❞*

cojo says:

he owes alot to two nerdy chicks….and they owe him back.

Brooke Kliber says:

this is probably the worst music video ever but i love the song

Henry Caceres says:

Awolnation “Sail” 10/10

cicci ciccietta says:

oooooooooooooooooooooooh yes!

Vini GamesPlay says:

Rexona !

samsation says:


Linus Hedlund says:

I blame it on my ADC, baby!

Gabriel Eddy says:

Told that ex-girlfriend *#SAIL*

TheVitaoBR says:

But, where did they sail?

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