“Baby Doll” Ragini MMS 2 Sunny Leone Song | Meet Bros Anjjan Feat. Kanika Kapoor

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Presenting the very first video song “Baby Doll” from the bollywood most awaited movie “Ragini MMS” starring Sunny Leone in lead role. Baby Doll is an urban …


kesavaprabu vittal says:


anjali_1259 says:

For everyone commenting on the fact that this has more views because there
is an *ahem* (I would rather not say it aloud), well I had no idea about
that… Personally, without watching the video I liked the actual song…
Oh btw, I heard the remix, and like that better than this version… 

Ayman Zaman says:

That wink at 1:12 is SO HOT! Dayyum Sunny! Hats off to your #nakhreswag 

ac bc aligator says:

the reason i never see bollywood movies

King Mohammed says:

Sunny leone mai aapka bahut bada fan hoo aur aapka sab movie dekha hoon…
😉 ;)

Kajal Couture says:

This song is awesome but less body please(: I Really Like This song :)

Niranjan Nanda says:

Did anyone realize there is some sequence copied from “Dev Dancing in the
Dark song”? Crap bollywood!!…no originality!!

lnpkural says:

It is a shame that in the land of Thiruvalluvar , Agastya , Vivekananda,
Barathiyar, A.R. Rahman people are falling for this cheap so-called ‘music’
of someone who sells her body for money…

Millions of Indians are perverted and illusionned. I see here the evidences
of the ongoing decadence.

Sharmista Seal says:

indian girls are ugly and smelly as fuck, probably had to cake her face
with make up

joeldadude says:

ppl who r comenting on Sunny and the Indian culture and all r
hypocrites…after commenting here will go straight to porn
websites….Hypocrites if you cared about the culture and all u woudnt be
here in the first place….

Desi Guy says:

Sunny leonne is role model for Indian girls

Gagandeep Singh says:

jiyu sunny leone… welcome to bollywood… hun ithey de lun khao….

Shandiponi Dey Ankur says:

she cant dance

Meg M says:

song is really nice :)

Raavi Kaur says:

Awsummmm song + videooo…..(LIKE)

89chitra says:

this song is SO MUCH better without the video. 

suf sshah says:

forget the item girl the singers are awsome 

abhishek seebaruth says:

sooo goood…..

Kruthika Ss says:

Song is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Chisagxdasher says:

Keep itup Sunny ,I was really tired of watching you privately , your item
song appearance made this so easy, I want you to be the most succesful
actress in the industry, all the best :) :D

Preeti Kaur says:

it’s a awesome song but i never expected this from bollywood a pornstar

Gul Baz says:

baby doll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,baby doll

Kamran Ali says:

sexy sanny 

Pari Chirya says:

Beautyful song! Bt Iam shocked! Agey peechey pura India mashuri karta hai
apne “Sanskaron” ki – Bollywood mein pornstar…wow to yai hote hai

sumeet kapil says:

An Asshole commented that she is 32 years old and so she is not sexy “BABY
DOLL” first of all is it all about SEX chutiye aur agar its all about sex
then u bloody sexomaniac find ur mom on any other website y r u getting
into sunny leone that too on you tube dekh wo kaun aray baap re teree
dadi singing I am BAD GIRl

Vasudev Upadhyay says:

Oh! GOD save this bullshit country people from liking such porn stars even
teens in million number do watch porn .can’t imagine the future of country
. such sunny leone and other pornstars only make a person’s behaviour
violent to the women .they make people unsocial . 

Lucky Eddy says:

This song deserved so much of a better video than this. After listening it
on radio I’m highly disappointed on watching the video.

cliven lee says:

Bigg B ( , ) ( , ) BS sunny leone My Love Nise song best ever…!!



bader mirza says:



Awadla aplyala

raj kumar says:

she is very hot and i ‘m fan of sunny leone

Ally Ackbar says:

like this video

Yogesh Satwase says:

So hot

sebastincool says:

Sunny Leone(Baby Doll) Views:9,020,165 :: Likes:21,220
Kareena(Fevicol se) Views:16,208,817 :: Likes:16,768
Malaika(Munni Badnaam) Views:4,531,380 :: Likes:5,041

Sunny FTW!!!

candy cane says:

I like the music not the vid

akhilbikku jatoth says:

Akhilbikku jatoth

parag donarkar says:

Nice song. Nice dance. 

Pooja Saluja says:

It is a very good song

Tarun Sarin says:

Lyrics and Music is Awesome… It can be a better video song… if someone
else appears in this song… like KAT

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