Bad Meets Evil – Lighters ft. Bruno Mars

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Music video by Bad Meets Evil performing Lighters. © 2011 Shady Records/Interscope Records.


SDoGx54 says:

I love how they did the transformation from old em too new em

Himanshu Agrawal says:

Its 14′ and I’m still here =]

Gülnar Şahmarova says:


Tah'De'Eus Kim says:

great song…awesome collaboration 

Gaurav Shakya says:

eminem rap is dope in this track

brakjart says:

why the fucking hell christ did eminem do two “bad meets evil”? One so
freaking awesome and then…THIS SHIT WITH SHITU MARS.

7300general says:


Amy Geans says:

I still love this

WorldMartian says:

Only 57 million?! And Miley Cyrus get’s over 100 million in a week?
That’s just not right.

thescaredshadow says:

This is the only song that I can tolerate, that has Bruno Mars in it.

Dr. Headshot says:

3:05 scary drop anyone?

Seby AndriSan says:

Why only 57 million views?
What’s wrong with you people?

Astrid .P says:

OMG I love his voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SuperVideos Flash says:

bruno mars

Kimi Ni says:

One of the best song ever

bajayahare says:

Love this song :)

Sir One And Only Recording says:

I’m more than a bird, I’m more than a plane
I’m more than some pretty face beside a train
And it’s not easy to be me.

declan corkin says:

Eminem deserves 1b views on every video this guy puts 

Keijanah Jones says:

Eminem part is fuckin good THO

lina figueroa says:

♡Bruno Mars!♡

FadedxIllusionz says:


<3 anyone else watching in #2014?

Sydney Keefe says:

This song is my jammmmmmmmmmm 

Brandon Porter says:

Can’t beat Eminem

Elija Massetto says:

..Put your FN lighterz up..

kyler morris says:

i love thempart like this ones for u and me 

Hans Bjørnstad says:

Had a dream was a king i wooke up as a rap god

Frankie Lebon says:


nevaeh neidermeyer says:


Luke Garner says:

If I had to express how I feel in the same way as in the lyrics of this
song, it would be something like this, “I’ve been through enough in life to
know what’s right and wrong. I’m here to show where I’ve been and what I’ve
done but you have to take this in without feeling judged. Realize that life
has a purpose and everyone deserves a place in existence but lets all be at
peace enjoying everything and everyone that God has gifted.”

Monika Jo says:

Perfect balance

Alex Schabb says:

Lol it’s funny, that his songs have no views, but when eminem is in it,
it’s going viral.

Tammy Smith says:

+7300general i dont even need to say anything. The other replies were

adam brake says:

After eminems part I just skip to the beginning again lol

mrgoodybag1 says:

Eminem should rewrite this song by saying,”I had a dream I was god,I woke
up still god”.

Jake Weidner says:

For the record stop calling him the black guy or the other one his name is
Royce and he did his part to get were he is

Gabriel Guerrero says:

Eminem headlights video coming soon 

jenny lejeri says:

I will love awals this song

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