Bando Jonez – Sex You (Explicit) [New R&B 2014]

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Austin Squires says:

How long have ive been sexing you on the phone sextin remember that time we
fucked in my lexus I love having sex with you and your best friends I said
ughwooo baby the way you go down baby my favorite position is when you ride
ill pick you up filp you down 69.

Trinity Freeman says:

had any good sex lately 

RealDarioGerman says:

I can sing like this to and this is a great song

Anthony Jones says:

Yea buddy

sharky matthews says:

Damn Okay Lil Corey♡

alexis mcclure says:

♥♥♥♥♥♥! Yesss,

Deziree Myeress says:

My favorite song

PeculiarWhitney says:

When he says good sex I keep thinking he says butt sex. D: 

Charlie Rodriguez says:

Tyresa Colwell says:

Love it 

Nauti C says:


Sable Kelley says:

Damn this song makes you want the “D” lol!

Leonard Kelly says:

Have u

Jahugh Martin says:

this song is for me and my girl


Rachari Willis says:

I’m about to get in my car n go to my man!!!

Niese Jiles says:

Love It < 3 Mhhm Sexx .

Crystal Frazier says:

This song make u wanna do somethings

Killem Hoes says:

Yasss dis is.My shit 

michelle harris says:

Okay bando formerly lil Cory I totally understand the new image (name) you
still making great music

Ramere Nyce says:

Yal kno this lil corey right

dgkcruz15 says:


Parish covington says:

I love this song!!!!

Saadiq La'Rue says:

That’s my shit

shae Daddi says:

Nah I haven’t lol

SweetNess says:

I love this song

John Ayers says:

This my shit

Kimberly Joyner says:

This is my jam

Christopher Holmes says:

@tareem I agree…dope song but what does he sound like LIVE???

cy Ballard says:

I thought this was prodigy 

Nate Adams says:

Next lil corey

Nakish Mosley says:

This is my shit…luv luv luv this song

dajane bounds says:

This my shit lol

Jawone Antonio says:

Oh shit this is lil corey….”i like the way you look at me” lil corey. I
should have known cause i still listen to “say yes”

Geron Jenkins says:

I’m late but the Twerk Team bought me here.

Ladarrean Leary says:

I got the best sex!!!! Hands down

Angela Wilson says:

Who’s Bando Jonez??? lol anyway… this shit is HOT!

Caramel Sweet says:

I still can’t believe this is lil Corey that sang “First Time.” WOW! 

Dj Chill says:

lil corey doing it big! 

London Foster says:

twerk team brought me here

Rijeire Fuller says:

Oh shit this is lil Corey lol wtf his name bando jonez tho

Natay Body says:

I love this song I listen to this every day

Audriana Bell says:

Being in love w/good sex is amazing!!! #iKNO 

Dawn FiveStar says:

this my shit….he killd this song

ItsDorothea02 says:

Lovin this beat tho 

Fica Wilson says:

this da song

India Stelzer says:


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