BELPHEGOR – Rehearsal Trailer 2014 (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

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Belphegor rehearsing some new tunes in their “Bunker.” Order at: Subscribe to Nuclear Blast: Subscribe to Belphegor:…


klunymaster says:

Fucking finally…

Marek Šuran says:

sounds really nice

Rob Amick says:

sounds awesome, so long to wait though :(

Henrik Nielsen says:

Sounds absolutely fantastic! Who’s drumming?

Korzal Lazrok says:

It will be released in Brazil, where?! I’d like to purchase.

xXxdevilsxXx1982 says:

pls come to australia i will got nutts for that

Josué Ferreira says:

Isso é que é black metal!

Moley Webb says:

brutality rules.

Flint Marshall says:

Drummer rules. Some of those riffs remind me of Christmas. Hahaha

Zenith Serenity says:

The Riff for Gasmask Terror Reminds me of Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn

JohnTheDrummer88 says:

Are the sunglasses really necessary? 

xXxdevilsxXx1982 says:

necrohorde what a faggot fuck you i say ya little fucking faggot belphegor
are the fucking best i love satan and you must be a weak minded christian
this is the age of Lucifer has been for quiet some time . 

ChainingtheKatechon says:

Can’t wait for the new album!

Hernan Elias says:

Hell yeah!
It sounds amazin’ m/

franb70 says:

Can t wait . Fuckin awsome!!

mangledmarionettes says:

More bands should release rehearsal footage. 

Legion Eterna says:


Flavio Rodrigo says:

Serious Blasting Sessions

Nem rath says:

Damn! Love the sound of this!

howoriginalnot says:

Fuck yeah

ricardowarhead says:

Fuderoso de mais!

Glen Sterdont says:

Fukk this! better give us a song ffs it’s too long to wait this record!

Mario Fernandez Pamo says:

can’t wait for it. Come to madrid !

Simon Wanger says:

fuckin awesome cant wait !!!

NecroHorde says:

Stopped listening to these guys. Their last two albums were just rehashings
of previous riffs, watered down. This will be the same. No thanks.

Wes Boone says:

Fuck yes!

chando blando says:

Sounds brutal!!! 

Winter Skogen says:

Those riffs!!!

TheLordGmoney says:

true ruler1!

xXDeathGhost666Xx says:

They changed the names of some songs , I like the name Feast Upon the Dead
better than Black Winged Torment….

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