Best Dance Music – New Club Mix April 2013

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A Matt says:

RIP, DJ Frankie Knuckles, the INVENTOR/CREATOR of House Music!!! He died
yesterday at 59

Charles Dang says:

So this is what DJs do.

Anna Estorpe says:

Best dance music 

Hoodlab says:

Coooooool dude! Awesome mix! Check out my new electro single “ElectroSmog”
on Spotify

jutarat dungkaew says:


Tarik Sari says:

best (b)R

Tomaž Bizjak says:

I love this sounds between musics:)

Davie Bryson says:

Healthy tune!! 

Wojtek Waw says:

Zajebista nuta

mohd fahidir says:

Disco dangdut

Shan gar says:


linda larsson says:


dionne watters says:

gotta love the bouncy bouncy bass good job

darren melaney says:

Mint choonzzzzzz xx

Ananda Raines says:


Frank Bau says:

Thats insane !

RETHGHIE1976 says:

The song is cool but it dosent move

สุดขอบฟ้า ตามหาหัวใจ says:


Apoorva Nayak says:

i love it!!!!!!! i lstn to this like everyday.lifts ma mood 

Kristýna Růžičková says:


Ardi Yansah says:

wooww mantep

anez anez says:

what song at 35.33????

Devin Seaver says:

Spectacular video. Composing music has always been the most important part
of my life and I always wanted to become a music producer. I’ve already
produced several songs and finally I am close to publishing my first
recording. After countless hours of research I finally found the best
software for music creation for the new year. I posted a link to this
program on my channel. go to my channel and click that link.

theideagirlsays says:

working on some research blogging. 

Joan Anton Peñalver Sánchez says:

I like 

Chep Akichet says:


Rauê Nascimento says:

Damn. This is the worst video house music that I listened. Listen to djs
like afrojack, dimitri vegas and see what I say!

Irfan Rahmanindra Nugraha says:

I Love DJ

Nicolle Tan says:


jay rossi says:

wtf is rong with people 648 who dislikes are the pissed thiss is class

Tomáš Letocha says:


Grzegorz Kruk says:

Drive white star 

Arnold Fernandez says:


Mohammed Al Hashim says:

Love it

mohd fahidir says:

Disco dangdut

Bronx B says:

Far best mix ive listened on utube

Ashley Futrel says:


pennyellow345 says:

What is the name of the second song?

darlinxx ouano says:

how to download this beat?

mario vieira says:

sequencia shou de bola the best………………………….

Livia W says:

Zajebista nuta!!!! 

riz4uable says:

Very2 nice and Like it…. Powered up energy….

Mercy Rampuleng says:

l was feeling sleepy nw l am awake dis is a great mix dude

Angel Alcantara says:

love it so much!!

Dao Muendorn says:

when you get upset mean you learn something ….don’t worry do it
better next time do a plain for the next time ..don’t let it get you down

wilbroad ofwono says:

very gd song really.

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