Best NEW HipHop/Rap Songs February 2014

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PLAYLIST: ☞ There you go with the tracklist for the playlist I made! :) Hope ya enjoy! Don’t forget to spread the video, show it to your friends, your family,…


TheRapYouNeed says:

As a result of the high demand, the playlist is now in the description,
hope y’all enjoy. Click on the link, then you’ll see some sort of
advertisements (ignore them), additionally you should see a little box in
the upper right corner saying “skip this ad”, click on it and you’ll get
redirected to all the artist and song names. Hope I could help you out! :)
If it doesn’t work for you, just let me know and I’ll hook you up by

Clint Brown says:

Holy Shit!! I clicked on this thinking I was gonna hear some whack ass trap
garbage.. This shit is great!! Bring back that real sound!

Don Killuminati says:

1:51 name song please :D

BinaryClash says:

Playlist please!


damn nice. playlist plz

kobe bryant says:

Playlist pls!! 

winione1 says:

i liked it and i subscribed i want the playist please.

Krayzie D says:

I subbed can I get that playlist?

reginald56000 says:

i thought its Pitbull on the second song XD

TheOfficialDJSlick says:

playlist please !

Leonardo Grossi says:

playlist please

zWrsti says:

I sub track list??

Brian Mabbitt says:

Can I have the playlist?


playlist please

Aleksandar Lazic says:

send me playlist pls

partboypeteful says:

Yo I subscribed to you channel but u never gave me any playlists

G-Studio Channel says:

playlist plz, bro

818rapthatsthat says:

too much feelings show real rap

HalsoftL says:

this is such a dumb set up! I WANT THESE SONGS NOW! IM SUBBED GIVE IT UP!

Louis Dixon says:

Great selection of Tracks send the tracklist please

Tyler Riley says:

Loved it want the playlist for sure

Joe Jr. Hernandez says:

Can I get the Playlist?

Giovanni van huffel says:

Playlist please 

David H Benn-Hirsch says:

This needs an actual playlist NOW!!!

Spencer Dickens says:

Playlist man

ThegiftedOneKnownAs kale says:

Send it too me !!

Bradley Long says:

where do you find the playlist?

Leandro Pelentir says:

Playlist please

79areY says:

plz send it to me too.

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