Best NEW HipHop/Rap Songs January 2014

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PLAYLIST: ☞ There you go with the tracklist for the playlist I made! :) Hope ya enjoy! Don’t forget to spread the video, show it to your friends, your family,…


TheRapYouNeed says:

As a result of the high demand, the playlist is now in the description,
hope y’all enjoy. Click on the link, then you’ll see some sort of
advertisements (ignore them), additionally you should see a little box in
the upper right corner saying “skip this ad”, click on it and you’ll get
redirected to all the artist and song names. Hope I could help you out! :)
If it doesn’t work for you, just let me know and I’ll hook you up by

ThatKidGoran says:

can you send me the tracklist

Jay Rock says:

Tracklist plzz

BinaryClash says:

playlist please

Butters says:

whos da second last one

kobe bryant says:

Playlist or Tracklist?? 

Butters says:

who says ‘so we smashed that lust in the sandstorm’ ?

houston moore says:

can i get the play list

Ansha Abdul says:

Nice channel! Glad to hear real stuff!

Brian Mabbitt says:

Playlist plz:)

Ged Vengrauskas says:

Playlist please! dope tracks! 

Aleksandar Lazic says:

tracklist please

Ossis Ramos says:

I need the,playlist 


playlist please!

Qiao Zhou says:

playlist please :)

azazil061 says:

Dope as always. Can you shoot me the playlist

dan downing says:

tracklist please mate

Julio Molon says:

Play List please broww!!

Jose Gonzalez says:

Playlist please

Giovanni van huffel says:

playlist please

ronnel grando says:

Need track list pleaseee

Tiffany Anne says:

Tracks please?

Brad Oliver says:

Playlist plz

atlants171 says:

Playlist please ;(

Spencer Dickens says:

Send me tracklist

tyler cramp says:



play list please! real stuff 

David Bedford says:

Can u give me the track list pls

Jared Jacobsen says:


Tebogo Letsie says:

yo man, i need the track list please. This is some good music rihgt here.

DrunkenMunky82 says:

Can you send me the Tracklist please

Roxas Beyah says:

Subscribed lemme get this tracklist

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