Best of Hardstyle 2014 (New Songs) [hermhardstyleione]

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Hermione says:

As I said before leaving a “like” is a great way of showing me the videos
that are popular :)

deedeejee1 says:

Can you make an alphabetic mix? :)

XenomSkills says:

amazing , keep up good work mate!

Arwahanoth says:

Emma Watson <3

angel petrov says:

WOW the beginning is awesome with the flowers…damn what a sexy tongue

Michael Geysen says:

deep down we all know she listens to hardstyle as much as we do ;)

radeonhd7770 says:

where is the pic from?

casper goedhart says:

bro! check out this amazing track: Code Black & Atmozfears – Accelerate
tell me if you think it was as insane as me?

Matthew VL says:

Amazing songs! Another great upload Hermione! <3
Where do you actually live I guess Holland?

Revo Rave says:

Goodjob man! Keep it coming and coming , i always listen to your Mixes with

This one is really , really amazing ;D you did a great job putting it
together ^_^

Jhonathan Sulbaran says:

What movie is of the picture?

Kevin Lee says:

omg timekeepers- walk away!! :O
wow that’s the sounds ears need :p
thnx hermione keep up the gd work :)

showEeZz Melbshuffle france says:


Juancho benavides says:


Kuper shuffle says:

Like number 14 fuck xD
Good songs :)

xronoxxx says:

One of the best intros i have ever heard, Down down is perfect for that!!

Alan Brown says:

lol i’ve been waiting for days for this. been stalking your channel for the
past few days!

Klavs Darzins says:

Hermione,you are awesome:)Love:)

Zedorek says:

you using my ears as a weapon 

Kevinoxx Jumpeur says:


joost gommers says:

Nice work :D

Steez Officials says:

Again a awsome vid!

Ar9maj says:

Great Hermione, noisecontrollers – down down <3 best song from album imo..

Thomas Br says:

Do you got partnership?

Miguel Garcia says:


Patrik Juha says:

some i very good hardstyle mix 2014

Vergil Slade says:

I love this pec….pic =3

MegaEwa19 says:

Best Music i ever heard!!! Love hardstyle!<3

Michael Vanier says:

Man that bass line in the first track is sick, noisecontrollers killin it

Lonatly says:

Remember putting this Mix on, in the living room at a party I gave
Everyone loved it,

tom weits says:

Realy great mix, the new noisecontrollers album is sweet. In special down

Jim Roger Johansen says:

I liiiiike! Thanks Hermione :)

Mozinator85 says:

Like it very very HARD! Keep up this STYLE! <3

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