Best Of Me Un Official Movie Soundtrack Music VideoTrailer 2014

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“‘The Best Of Me’ novel by Nicholas Sparks inspired me to write this song. I hope that it inspired you. If it does, PLEASE SHARE!” Love, Carolina Carolina Sh…


Million Dollar Mix - Online Mixing And Mastering Service says:

Hey folks,

here’s a beautiful song by the talented singer/songwriter Carolina
Shamshoum. I’ve had the pleasure of mixing this lovely tune, which is
inspired by the novel ‘The Best Of Me’ by Nicholas Spark.
If you love the video as much as I do, please share!!! Thanks!


Hoa Phan says:

Thanks for sharing it :)

Aliyah Gray says:

its a good song. its shonique gray by the way, i am using my sisters
account. the song is amazing though thanks for the share

Faid Kamel says:

This fabulous song should be the generic of the movie” The Best of Me “

robyn parker says:


Steve Moorhouse says:

Cracking song, love it. Well done Carolina, all the best.

nashs86 says:

Just wonderful 

Kathleen Treacy says:

Absolutely brilliant, so true to the book. Should be used for sure for the
film. <3

April Ogden says:

such a beautiful song and beautiful lyrics well done :))) xxx

Youval Shamshoum says:

A great one l have listen to it over and over again.

jillyst Lasbeant says:

beautiful song ,, beautiful lady ,, love this ……..x <3

Tania Feltham says:

Love this. Why is this singer not famous, such a great voice. Want to hear

Constantine Kanakis says:

Hey Carolina that was awesome!!!!!! really beautiful!!!! I hope to hear
more from you in the future! :)

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