Bewakoofiyaan – Official Trailer – Ayushmann Khurrana | Sonam Kapoor | Rishi Kapoor

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Release Date: 14th March 2014 Starring: Rishi Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana & Sonam Kapoor Directed by: Nupur Asthana Produced by: Aditya Chopra Written by: Hab…


YRF says:


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YRF says:

It’s here!

Bewakoofiyaan -Official Trailer!

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pakiraju786 says:

I’m a HUGE Sonam Kapoor fan, I try my best to watch all her movies that she
has a good role in, the first day in theaters. But this trailer is
pathetic! Her role in this seems meaningless. But I truly hope I’m wrong,
and it’s just the bad trailer. 

Tipu Sultan says:

Bewakoofiyan is plural in itself, so the proper tagline should
be ‘Bewakoofiyan Begin’.

Who writes this shit for you, YRF? Uday Baba?

photographystudioz says:

Movie da trailer vekh ke,
Akhiya cho hanju rulde!!

Abhishek Math says:

I am desperately waiting to watch this movie on
television….hehehehe…aisi movies pe paise kharch karne ki koi zarurat
nhi hai….,,this movie seems to be inspired from MEET THE PARENTS and
GUESS WHO…….same old shit….buaaaa!!!!!!

Abhinav Sudhir says:

Soonam looking super hot 

Azhar Khan says:

koi dhang ki actress nhi mili kya………..ayushman always gud

Shri harsha Nayak says:

Lol 1:39 to 1:47 . Ayushman you are too good :D

Masih Haider says:

ayushmaan rocksssssssssss

Imraan Hamid says:

2 out of 5,story not good at all. Try something different bollywood. Try
making movies like transporter/Hindi remake with akshay kumar. Or fast n
furious with shahruk, salman, aamir and hritik. Try it will be super hit of
the year. Kuch seek yash raj. 

Nimesh Keyal says:

looks booorrring!

Jyotika Dhingra says:

sonam Kapoor looks beautiful

Debashis Ghosh says:

THIS FILM seems to be rock..

sunny sohail says:

Watch it only for Ayushmann Khurranna he’s done a great job in all his
movies so far and he’s a natural he deserves the support 

Jagdish Sangar says:

I will watch the film for ony Ayushman

raghunandan sharma says:

good , Bewakoofiyan

Shubham Verma says:

#SonamKapoor should stop trying her luck out in Bollywood and should
seriously concentrate on her so weird fashion preaches. She would
definitely drown #AyushmannKhurrana ‘s future in the industry. And
importantly, a very bad trailer (still unsure about the movie).

Rrita Biswas says:

nice trailer.

Aaditya Rakheja says:

This is so Yashraj!

Arnav Wagh says:

I’m a great fan of ayushmann but this one SUCKS

Beauty India says:

Sonam Kapoor in Bewakoofiyaan

Nintho Sena says:

Not Ayushman Khurana nor Sonam pls…both seem so much like non
actors…simply put boring!

Astrologer Naresh says:

Good Entertainment from Yashraj Films….

Aashi Sharma says:

ncy one :)

Kenn Agata says:

During our visit to India last March, my partner and I stayed at the hotel
in the desert in Rajasthan while the film was being made. We are just a
blink in one of the trailers (NOT this official one!), but nonetheless, it
was exciting to be a part of this film, meeting the actors and staff
involved in producing the movie. We cannot wait for it to play in New York
so that we can see the entire story. India is such an amazing place. The
people, the scenery, the food and the many traditions. It was THE
experience of a lifetime. One we would love to repeat!

Attitude is everything says:

Sonam ko acting nahi aati -.- her timing in the last dialogue – pathetic! 

Diksha Rai says:

kinda inspired by Guess Who movie!!!

Het Dagli says:

Cheap actors,cheap director,cheap music director. Only tickets are costly.
Yash Raj company is a thief .

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