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Carl Joshua Ncube , A former Nursing student in United Kingdom traded his syringes for Graphic Design and Animation before selling everything in his possessi…


Ryu Arcani says:

ok those laughs are fake but non the less great first attempt, expecting
big things from you in the future

Sithole Brian Malvin K says:

I enjoyed this stand up, actually I think I watched it 3 or 4 times. Thanks
for putting Zimbabwe on the stand up map. This strikes me as a genesis to
home grown Zimbabwean comedy with a different Zim flavor. Keep it real man.
You have a long way to go.

Ben Dove says:


Sibue Chari says:

Carl dis is gud une yese kip it up.

Tinashe Guzha says:

at least woo..

iamdigsy Munetsi says:


Tatenda Mutitsve says:

big up CJN 4rm big announcement to bigger & better #NUST fan

Thabi Sithole says:

Erhm he is not funny literally straight face

cleo041989 says:

tearing up from da sweetness of it
its soo humbling to behold such talent from home
keep da fire burning :)

iamdigsy Munetsi says:

Bull**** tryna copy Katt Williams.. what a load of sh** GTFOH!

Tatenda Mutitsve says:

kkkkk indigenous baba.

MacDonald Ginyani says:

Why is the Intro sooo long?!

MacDonald Ginyani says:

Awesome show indeed!! I spoke too soon… :)

Awakhiwe Kona says:

dude are you serious???!!! Trevor buries this guy a billion times.. mxm,
this guy sucks!

RONALD ZOLAS Mazorodze says:

he doesnt know u

Kornelius Nirvanius says:

7 minute intro,WTF is wrong with them!!!???

michelle mangwanya says:

I like your courage but your jokes have no punch lines..they are to long.i
lost interest during the intro…it seems u need autotune to add humour to
ur jokes(I like the autotune tho)… just keep working on ur material and u
will be in zollywood

Zimbo Guy says:

Kay Dawg, have you ever watched “Everybody Hates Chris”, or watched “Eddie
Murphy’s” Raw, or seen Trevor Noah’s “Daywalker”, or any of Lenny Henry’s
comedy, or Richard Pryor. All of them, without exception, have their
biggest hits based on their childhood experiences. Those make for the
funniest stand-up comedies. All the best comedians do it. I ask you Kay
Dawg, according to your reasoning, if recanting childhood stories is bad
comedy, then are all of the above bad comedians?

Carl Joshua Ncube says:

dont defend this…this video was my very first attempt at stand up comedy
3 years ago…I am still proud of that day coz I have broken into a field
and represented my country in ways noone can imagine so…no worries BIG
ANNOUNCEMENT was historic for Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe went on to become so
much better!

kay dawg says:

this is not comedy, its just his childhood life story… i wonder what all
those people are laughing at… its just like me explaining how i used to
write in my counter-book with an eversharp pen and people start laughing…
that’s just absurd…

shigashiga823 says:

This guy is a master…

V59971 says:

There is this episode i watched..They wr attacked while forming
Voltron..That girl who makes up Voltrons leg was zapppd by the
Robeast…while formin him…..but at e end of the day the managed to
reform again….So much memories……..not fogtin Brave Star and

madhafu says:

wasn’t sure the first 2minutes but, I soon realised you are awesome!!! keep
going, love it!!! brought too many memories, laughter to tears! thanks
Carl. X

faa :) says:

trying to be Trevor Noah…talking about ur grandma and all….bt good show
nice to noe Zim guys r tryin this thing

Tafadzwa Dzinouya says:

this stand up comedy is just hilarious keep it up bro

Kuzywa Chif Marange says:

Man you good nailed it..we should have more of people like your..who
said Zimbabweans cannot be stand up comedians..people emancipate yourself
from mental slavery..haish!!!!

Ronald Madzikanda says:

CJN I really like your show keep it up.

Fanwell Masunungure says:

keep on trying yu will get there but try to avoid those long intro and the
catoon staf…

Gari Moyo says:

He’s got potential but he needs to polish up his act cause his performance
was far from brilliant. For example, I think he could have done more
powerful stuff for the shows that we used to watch as kids. I really hope
things work out for him in the future though

babieyd says:

video quality is a let down other wise not bad

Phill Munyaradzi says:

Carl ndiwe here wakaita yekuenda kutoilet in chinese? I hope that bit is
not in this video, for some reason it will not play for me.

william mahlunge says:

you gut loads of guts bro, u will be up there with the Chris Rock and Eddie
Murphy’s. jus kip going bro don mind those with negative comments. am sure
u wil win loads of hearts

Brendan Nkala-Hill says:

you have my full support Carl KNK!!! Zim’s #1 comedian enough respect to u
mate..!?!. #ProudlyZim!

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