Birdy – Skinny Love [Official Music Video]

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“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver performed by Birdy from her self titled debut album. Buy this track on iTunes: Download Birdy’s self …



Indie is too strong right now!

Iza Kiladze says:


PunktPruductions says:

O.o Its Beautiful!

Brieanna Forde says:

Best cover ever.

Payton Casarico says:

listened to this song over 50 times. Get even more beautiful after every

Sanjaya Dewalegama says:

Birdy – Skinny Love

Américo Herrera says:

Bella Ferraro bring me here :'(

Courtney Smith says:

I just thought you guys should know that this is a cover. The person who
originally sang this is Bon Iver. 

Tiffany M says:

Wow <3

Jessica Briseño says:

this girl is really really talented, like how hold was she when she made
this song? 16,17? wow

pepe muleiro says:

I love this songs. is very beautiful. 

andrey adhi kusuma says:

wow i thought this is horror movie soundtrack LoL 

Stefan Otto says:


reuben gouldin says:

amazing cover, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up

BoredKitty says:

Beautiful. <3

Bianca Santa Barbara says:

Great cover! Loved the origins and love this too :) What a talented girl!

Giselle Garcia says:

Love this song!!!

TheOzzyPanda says:

Listen to this whilst having Rainy mood on in the background, ma gawd.

ollie powell says:

wow 55 million views

Fernando Penteado says:

Amazing performance! 

UrsiRose says:

This gives me lots of FEELS!!! It’s very beautiful but kind of creepy and

noemi nagyova says:

fav song

Betty Nousia says:


FaTaL FuZzioN- says:

Skinny Love J’adore ;;;)))

BiBi triking says:

Woow ;)

diane schott says:

skinny luv…………………………….

Keiley Tapia says:

love this song

Julian Lorenz says:

such a beautiful song!

john duran says:

this made a real nigga sweat from the eyes

Joycy Suzana says:

<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 mds

SickassNikes1 says:

Great COVER! Beautiful voice Birdy has, ya’ll should thank Justin Vernon
(Bon Iver)

Zoethebunny says:

Beautiful :)

Fabio Santilli says:

Wonderful music!
Pure poetry!
Thanks for your performance,
greetings from Rome,

Raka Rachmanda says:

54mil view for Birdy , 4 mil view for bon iver. That gap tho.

Iris van Litsenburg says:

Mikko kai this is not a cover

Christian Fulp says:

Please check out my cover :) I love this song 

Francesco Filippini says:

Super chanson!!!

Tommy Pipkin says:

Her voice 😀 I sense an iTunes gift card that needs buying.

TheDseriesMan says:

I have only just discovered Jasmine (Birdy) when I heard her singing ‘Learn
Me Right’ in the movie called ‘Brave’. What an amazing voice she has! I
really wished I have heard her music way before! 

Lekii Bieber says:

This is AMAZING.

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