Black Veil Brides “Knives and Pens” OFFICIAL VIDEO

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The debut video from BLACK VEIL BRIDES, directed by Patrick Fogarty. Visit the band’s official Facebook or Official Twitter …


anny green says:

stupid old people… we dont paint our hair and wear fingernails. we dye
our hair and paint our fingernails. XD

Muffin Mayham says:

that same locker thing happend to me

AllHailMetal says:

Stupid emos scream like faggots. Nuff said.

Matt torres says:

my god their perf ^_^

jenn skull says:

Love this song!!!!

Patd Pony says:

0:49 i dont want lockers when i go to school now :(

Lana J SongHawk says:


Hope Ross says:

Awesome song, wot!

soumia herbich says:

Andy looks like he’s Jeff the Killer…

Madeline Vlam says:

You have no idea how much you guys make me happy

sabermanity says:

when they smile they are so creepy 

Kira Jessen says:

Well fuck you GEMA……this is one of the few songs I can hear from BVB

JustMeKayC says:

3:54 – 4:00….. ughhh <3
Still gets me...

kitty catty says:

his smile is amazing it makes whats left of my soul melt

Kimberly Hernandez says:

AHHH brings back so many memories from the old days <3 

mary gonzalez says:

I remember liking them so much but, I don’t like/listen to them anymore, no
hard feeling to and fan out here

Daphanie Ayaquica says:

Andy (Sixx) Biersack!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

Presley Smith says:

I’m becoming emo and I wear bangs but it’s hard to do but anyway I dont cut
but I love this type of music!!

bob fartburger says:

i wish he would have kept his hair 

Cuthbert Georgiareddevil says:

Bvb I’m a fan team Jake & I’m emo & love this show I hope they make some
new song & 2014 & 2015 jake Pitts u rock man keep up the good work emo
forever ♥:-)

Ryan ETD says:

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Teh Emazheng Spoderman says:

Pussy emo shit lmao

darksword553 says:

Holy shit. Andy Sixx looks like Jeff the Killert

Alyssa Wenske says:


Sasuke Uchiha says:

I love the Video and the song*-*

Scarlet Voidzero says:

Wow, thats a bad handwriting LOL But the song is great IMO :)

Nothingster Vlog says:

they were good, why did they change style? from post-hardcore to post-rock
or something like that :(

punkstar738 says:

Actually hes 21, he’s turning 22 this year, he was born in 1992

Tiffany Temple says:

Write back if u think I am rong

Tiffany Temple says:

U all are rong and weard the story he is trying to tell is that the boy on
the video is allways geting made fun by other kids becase he is emo so that
is the real point of this song u were right about the scremo being about
cut yourself but I sm emo th so that all the video is saying just about
excpresing your self don’t cut or try to komit soweside that all it is

Ashley Case says:

OMFG people calling BVB pedophiles? Dumbfucks. Ive loved this band since I
was 11 im 15 now. 4 years. Its not there fuckimg fault that the younger
girls have the lives they do and vrow up to fucking like/love BV so stfu
and fuck off haters. These songs have saved lives. Have you saved lives?
When you do message me. ~ashley

sue komdick says:

the story behind this song is basically what way you choose to express your
emotion, the knives being for cutting and the pens are for writing, with
Andy’s regular voice telling you not to cut and the screamo representing
the voice in your head tell ing you to cut :)

Tiffany Temple says:

Thank u for agreing

Hedda Mü says:

“…wearing black t-shirts, tatoo themselves…” I’m thinking about The
mortal instruments 😀

Attila Nagy says:

0:23-0:53= (1:27) 😀

Miguel Fernandez Millan says:

this is the first time ive heard them and they are quite good

Joakim Våge says:

He is 22 right now, yes! But when this video came out in 2009 he was 18

LostMatrix says:

That’s true as well, thank you :)

LostMatrix says:

is there a story behind this song? could someone explain please? Thank you!

Samantha McIntyre says:

you see this is why people dont like people like you, judgmental, rude and
just plain idiotic!! and more then just 12-15 year olds listen to them you
idiot! and how the hell are they labeled pedophiles? they dont do anything!
you really need to stop being so closed minded and get your head out of
your aass because no one can hear you down there. If you dont like them
then why even bother being here?? get lost.

LostMatrix says:

oh my word, this is the song of my life

Bellepanda M says:

He is though ;D

Qpid says:

What she said 😀 CX

Animeninja66 says:


Atomic Friendo says:

Hey retard…Everyone has the right to judge, this is Youtube. And having
1000’s of 12-15 year old girls falling at their feet? Ya Its no wonder
they’ve been labeled as “pedophiles” and “creepers”….but I guess you like
that kind of shit…

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