Boyce Avenue – Find Me (Official Music Video) on iTunes & Spotify

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DiogoCa says:


Nathan Grace says:

New cover by Adelle “Rolling In The Deep”

Sergiu Bolota says:

Great vocals!

黄丽心 says:

I love this song.

Arthur Furlan says:


jeane e orlando matos silva says:

LINDO beautiful

Marcus Vinicius says:


Lucas Araujo says:


Wallace Alencar says:


lhungdim shokholal says:

I luv it….

Juninho Felix says:


Joshua Pascual says:


Bhoyet Llamers says:

can you do a cover of the song honestly by harem scarem thx

Sheryl Bartos says:


bnassre ouhra says:

m3elem !!

Jordan Hess says:

They remind me a bit of The Fray… <3

James Beasley says:

Never let anybody change you guys. As long as you keep playing what’s in
your heart and soul nothing can stop you.

Vidushi Gunatilake says:


Alexis Witt says:

What a terrible song.

Estefany Liz cortez cerna says:

Lilia Dechamp says:

Omgg it’s so perfect ..:$

Talff trio says:

CAN NOT IGNORE man man man
belle bele 

Lisa Borders says:

Such a sweet song and video…I love towards the end when he looks through
the “lovescope” and sees their future <3

00 CRiMZEN says:

This is a wonderful song that you guys have wrote. This much talent is a
rare thing. The way your voice fits over the guitar is perfect. The music
video also takes me into the story behind the song. Great job. You are all
magnificent musicians. Keep doing what you love and we will keep listening.

FmaKeita's Corner says:

I can’t get enough of you <3

TheEricaMatthews says:

wow!! Awesome!! I love this song… I just happened to come across this! I
also came across another amazing singer/ songwriter – Brittany Kwasnik and
her song called CITY… really, really awesome!! I love finding and sharing
great music!! Glad I found this video!!

adelito ramos says:

nice voice

ruth soria says:


fenil shah says:

I watch this song at least twice a day and every time i watch its bring
feeling out …… Perfect Song !!!!!!!!!!

MG ken Channel says:

Good Good Goog

Nikki Jay says:

Please stay you, dont be corrupted to the conformity of the “industry” you
guy’s talent is pure and we def need music from artists with your passion
for expression, not just putting out anything for a dollar…you guys are
the real deal. Stay blessed!

MrSadler2003 says:

0:41….. SO SICK!

Makaylee Pulver says:

Great song.

leonard matthews says:

great job I really hope that you guys make it some day because you all
sound like billboard music awards winners to me

muhammad adi januardi says:


Romano Araújo says:

This is song is so perfect. I can’t explain that this feeling me now ;,)

diego ytachi says:


Grace Simangunsong says:

Is she Barbara Palvin?

Connie Jupiter says:

is this an original song?


Nicee ;)

Kate mason mason says:

I love this song and you should do more originals. The haters should try
writing their own songs.

Suisrany Cavalcante says:

lindo! :D

bring narry says:

it’s so perfect

wibson gomes says:

Perfect 😀 uhuuuum B.A

Verry well says:

apik tenan brooo……………

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