Boyzone – Who We Are – Official Music Video

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Who We Are – The new single from Boyzone – taken from the new album BZ20, out now. iTunes Standard Edition: iTunes Deluxe Edition: http:/…


Anthony Tyler says:

A surprisingly enjoyable tune!

CatalunyaVintage says:

For me they’re the best. 20 years that followed. Does anyone know how to
download this video?. Thank you so much from Barcelona. //*//

SP Murphy says:

Shane Lynich looks like the Tsar with that beard! LOL! 

Kaziiaaa says:

Favourite! Especially as it’s written by Andy Brown from freakin’ Lawson!
xD Love all these boys :) <3

tom0900060 says:


Grace Ward says:

This has got to my one of my favourite songs. Absolutely love it! :) x 

Khanh Hong Rose Chan says:


Rhys Watson says:

Steo would be so proud. Don’t ever stop guys. <3

Dany Gomez says:

Great song “Who We Are”, boyzone are the best, my idol Ronan the best voice
in the world, greetings from Buenos Aires Argentina!

Shari Gaus says:

Sounding & looking great! They just seem to get better & better with age.
Their smiles are infectious, I can’t help but smile while watching them
sing. Wish they would tour the USA so I would have a chance to see them
perform live…until then I’ll continue listening to their CD’s & watching
their videos. Thank you Ronan, Keith, Mikey, & Shane for 20 years of great

Ruaidhri McLaughlin says:

I miss stephen.

Andrew Snaith says:

Amazing BZ One Of My Favourite Irish Bands. Such As My Idols :) X

Tiffany Vuong says:

this is gunna get hate but ive never understood why ronan keating isnt just
a solo artist cuz anyone can since back up harmony…. boyzone is really
just ronan keating and his backup singers……. 

Karolina Bakator says:

I like their songs,the way they sing,but I never had a chance to meet them
or be on their concert. :/ :) but I’m glad I can listen to music that is
good to my ears … :D

Denise Silva says:


Aref Moradi says:

Greatest And most Attractive Music Video 

dinesh bhat says:

Wow.!!! unbelievable.!!! this is what i call a comeback song.!! good

lalapo1997xo says:

You guys are amazing!!!!<3

goldenmistakes says:

Ro’s so hyper, ha. Fun video.

Maiguru Shongie says:

Boyzone is back, yeeeeeaaahhh i think my dad wld really love to hear this.

Nahir Diaz says:

Shaaaaaaaaaneeeee OMG!! I Still Love Him! … <3 Im OLD! 

Angel Green says:

I fall in love with these four fine men all over again with each song/video
that comes out. Though I will forever miss Steo. This song both makes me
hyper and leaves me feeling a bit sour, because that was what they sang
last before disappearing the last time I saw them in concert and the
feeling of sadness that came at the end of this show is brought back each
time I listen to it. I can’t wait to see them again at some point,
hopefully. Love the video though, well done! 

Finland Jaruttjinda says:

Such golden time for me when alot of 90’s artists are send their music out
during this time From Enrique >> BSB >> BZ
I proud to be 90’s girl

Danny Dempsey says:

Got To Be a No.1 Class Song Best On The Album..

Samx Chaab says:

this is wow

Truong vo dinh says:

Love it <3

SuperWho MerLock says:

I love this song so much, best of the best! X

Heather McK says:

I love this song so much!! 

Ryan Dennis says:

Another solid performance by the lads..CHEERS!!!!

Éric Gracián says:

20 years, seems like yesterday when I first saw Love For A Reason. You’re
great BZ!

andrea simps says:

beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! bravo! bravo! bravo! they are all
gorgeous! boyzone forever! i can imagine the energy of steo if he’s in this
video! :)

benny yulisbon says:

I love all the songs on bz20 

Muse Oxy says:

Ronan’s voice it’s the pearl of the whole team! This song sounds like an
anthem of friendship and freedom of the soul!

Raghupati Pradhan says:


Jane Denton says:

This song speaks to the Irish blood that runs in my veins!

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