Brett Eldredge – Beat of the Music (Official Music Video)

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BrettEldredge says:
kristin vanderhoff says:

THIS is the best part of my weekend!!!

NatalieDirect says:

I listen to this song everyday! 

Brianisation says:


Oscar hugo says:

The best one

Unitato says:


Bule dandelion says:

Great video and song.

Ali Çabuk says:

New clip ? So good Brett I LİKE İT !!!

Stephanie Katcher says:

Punxsutawney Phil says it’s 6 more weeks of winter. Just an excuse to enjoy
Brett Eldredge’s Beat of the Music a few thousand times. #mentalvacation with

Aline Wenceslau says:

Saying this video is PERFECT is an understatement!

Gabriela Gomez says:

so glad he is finally getting the recognition he deserves!!

Erin Nicole says:

Great video :) lucky girl 😉
I absolutely love all of your songs and everything about you and that’s why
you’re one of my top favorite country singers! Loved seeing your career
evolve more and more over these past few years! You’re great! 

Amanda Cohen says:

That was adorable! I love this song and that video just completely tied it
together. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Aileen Savage says:

BRETT!!!! You’ve gone and done it again

Speedybeef says:

Great first album, lots of potential! Cant wait to see where you go from

Rachel Leary says:


Guillermo Bosque says:

Fresh music video

annika jorgenson says:


Tasha Larson says:

I absolutely love this song and video. He has one amazing voice. I could
just listen to him all day/everyday!!

alexandreamms says:

Love it!

Oscar hugo says:

The best one

Música says:

#BrettEldredge #BeatoftheMusic #MúsicaNueva


Brett Eldredge – Beat of the Music (Official Music Video)
In #Playlist “Top New Music”

swNapoleon16 says:

In LOVE with this music video! Well Done :)

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