Brooke Candy “Everybody Does” – Official Music Video

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Brooke Candy’s official video for “Everybody Does” produced by and exclusive to Dazed & Confused. *EXPAND FOR MORE INFO* Starring: Brooke Candy…


chthonic19 says:

Nice to see Jane Child making a comeback.

Samurai Sakura says:

I don’t mind her or the music but gosh those CHAMELEONS were Awesome!!!

InfinityInferior says:

this is literally a whole new level of ratchet. 

Sarah Farron says:

she comes on as too trashy I’m all for woman who do whatever the fuck they
want but still her lyrics make it sound like every girl has to be a fucking
whore or something

Seal Queen says:

Eh, she’s not that bad at rapping. Maybe some of you can’t get past her
exterior? She’s way less annoying than Lil Wayne or Tyga. :)

mymothkingdom says:

You are what you listen to. Trash.

GAYBaRBIEkk says:

its like lady gaga meets Kreayshawn

Nygga Nesti says:

Brooke Candy <3

fernweh0wanderlust says:


golddean says:

No talent all you can do is play with your tits and your stinkin vagina go
an wash it rubbishhhhhhhhhhhhh
beep boop bop Clomp pop smack fish cat dump cow meow wizzle pizzle sizzle
issle kizzleyxk ksoajzvsbsah hump bee can dip MIT rrtttrtryerrrrrrrrrd ma



kevin joest says:

I love her style she’s so unique and beautiful. You rock my socks. 

Rachel Brada says:

Before you idiots say that she’s nasty because she sleeps with a lot of
guys you should probably know that she’s GAY. Her lyrics
are juxtapositioning gender so now the guys are the ones being treated like
sex objects. Genius.

Adjatay Gold says:

I hope she doesn’t get salmonella

wolfsong09 says:

This is something that I stumbled across in the late night vortex that is
youtube…and I had a ‘dafuq I just watch….lemme see it again’ moment.

NXYA$ says:

Brooke Candy >

John Ross says:

Jesus. I listen to bad music, but this is too far.

arturothomas14 says:

Speechless. I don’t know whether to like it or not
I really don’t know

Mikayla Gardner says:

she should just stick to dancing in grimes videos lol…

aaron collier says:

If you were never able to see what this woman looked like would you give
her attention? would you say her music was a substantive expression?
artistry? I’m going to speak for you all and say NO! In her interviews she
always says she does it for the “ART”. LOL I love it when talentless people
pull the “ART CARD” its the ultimate cop-out. When I said her father must
be proud, it was sarcasm. because if I had a daughter I would want positive
female empowerment for her. Brooke Candy is a walking cliché an “art” fraud
and most of all a Gimmick! which is why her “music” is nothing without her
trashy image and if girls find this empowering they need counseling and
more love from their parents. be realistic people!

Dizzie Dee says:

How did this happen?


I kinda really love how free she is. BUT LOOK AT THAT CINEMATOGRAPHY AND

innnaXD says:

T.R.A.S.H now every bitch believes she can be a rapper.

Rowbot Ham says:

brooke candy is the shit! love her

Tommy B says:

this is dumb

Whhateverr IDGAF says:

I was hella high at school today so I kept falling asleep in each period
and I would dream about Brooke Candy singing this shit. The imagery was
twisted and fantastic

Roberto Marchani says:

she should like, try something a little less ratchet. She’s sexy, I like
the braids and that ass, etc. But the shit that comes out her mouth plus
some of the unnecessary gestures just, ehh… but that’s just me… 

Callum Fletcher says:

Lady GaGa wishes she could pull this off. Brooke Candy is a queen. 

OnlyPreciousMemories says:

Still better than nicki minaj…

Ferdinand Castaneda says:

Ugly, Talentless, Attention wanting whore is all I got from this video… I
swear my eyes almost got Syphilis from watching this shit video. God Help

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