Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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[PlayList] “Just The Way You Are” Bruno Mars ->

Ralitsa S says:

Dorota Nazarkiewicz says:

lol…for goodnight…sweethearts….awesome song:-)

esmy Morales says:

Lol love this

Claudia Zayas says:

This is my FAVORITE song! 

Morgan Elizabeth says:

I can so see my boyfriend telling me this. He is always telling me I have a
beautiful smile yet I don’t. He tells me I’m beautiful, but I’m not. 

Queen Bee says:

This is the most creative video ever.

Susanne Brunnsteiner says:

Toller Song !!

Roger Cant says:

Just The Way You Are ♥♥♥

M Williams says:

These are the words every man needs to say to his wife, daughter, or
significant other…beautiful

LuismiRox says:

the tokio drift girl, gorgeus.

TheDAT573 says:

Little Boy Wonder!

Sue Mason says:

Its okay

Adrian Pajarito says:

She was in Fast and Furious 3

brianna hardin says:

This song give me tears but I don’t really know why 

Madison Nicholson says:

I love this song

lovemybones88 says:

Something about him reminds me of Michael Jackson. Beautiful song.

Hector Deras says:


Ben Oddy says:

That’s olly murs

Gracie Suwalski says:

I love this song!!! I think it is a big hit!

brisebard laetitia says:

<3 <3

Karissa Ryan says:

Luv this song

pongsiri santaweesook says:

See you in bankkok !! Love you

Xxxhelenxxx says:

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back ;)!

Hanna Dowd says:

This is such a beautiful song the video makes it so amazing that yuk would
want to cry

Vidget Sirron says:


NicksClaymation says:

Bruno Mars Interview on my channel! Check it out!!

Emilio Castillo says:


Esteban Villegas says:

My favorite song

Farooq Alahmad says:

bruno <3 <3 <3

Elisabeth Sousa says:


Harry Scheinberg says:

He should have Vevo …

florence mesta cornejo says:

<3 #BrunoMars

Lily Meneses says:

Me enamore…!! 

Alex Brimmer says:

favorite song by Bruno Mars!

Anisa Baksh says:

who are the idiots who actually click the dislike button on these vids! 

paulo henrique gonçalves de souza says:

very good cold play more guys are pretty good

Ferii Roldán says:

Bruno Mars ♥ love it!!

Daniel Ramsey says:

Bruno will will you sing just the way you are on valentines day I’m 13 and
I want the song for my girl friend so she knows I really love her 

Dena Jelvani says:

Crying this is beautiful

Ariff Armani says:

Cause Your Amazing….Just The way you are

Eros Moore says:


Tano Moro says:


Teto Zagada says:

i love this song sooo much

shari best says:

I don’t understand why anyone who post a “thumbs down” on this song. It’s

Tangie Black says:

Love this song.. oooohh wee. Simply Amazing

hüseyit eren says:

this is a great song and i hope we

Channing Sidell says:

363 mil…holy fuck!

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