Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

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Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014 tickets and more info: Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars Bruno Mars – When I Was…


Bruno Mars says:

watch ‘When I Was Your Man’ 

Bruno Mars says:

When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man [Official Video]


[PlayList] “When I Was Your Man” Bruno Mars ->

Ben Lenaghen says:

Hey all! I really loved this song. I actually liked it so much I did my own
cover of it with a female vocalist that lives across the world from me! I
worked really hard on it, and I’d appreciate if you guys could check it out.

I’d love to get some feedback as well. Thanks so much!

Beryl Brooks says:

Bruno Mars should do the late Little Richard’s song, Lucille.

Chadleylakes says:

Like OMG! This is soooooo super important to me! (insert sad
music) Please… If you could look into your heart and take just 5 minutes
to look at my channel…
PSYCH! Lol I’m not like that. Just a dude with a camera :)
I made a cover of When I Was Your Man and if anyone wanted to stop by and
check me out, that’d be great. If not, then thanks for reading this

Mimi Love says:

It makes them mad… when they know you find the perfect men. Because they
couldn’t make you special……. Love Bruno Mars

Leticia Maria says:


Paulo Macedo says:

Bruno Mars loock my video BEST PEFORMACE When I Was Your Man (Sam Alves,
Natan Magalhaes e Bruno Mars)

rit520 says:

This song very sad :(

Mlisazaa yıldız says:

ısırcam laa tipini yedihim 

Estrella Gurule says:

Bruno you are amazing just the way you are come to new mexico3333333333

Felippe Lopes says:

+Bruno Mars 

anugrah setan says:

hey bruno just want to say that i’d like ur cock in behalf of all the woman
in the world

Ezequiel Cai says:

Close the eyes and listen a Michael Jackson(?

Camila Andre says:

My favorite song !!!!

Alex Rodriguez says:

story of my life

NicksClaymation says:

Bruno Mars Interview on my channel! Check it out!!

jazz nicole says:

“i should have bought you flowers,and held your hand.should have give you
all my hours,when i had the chance..,i love you so much jazz…”

Bruna Barbosa says:

Perfect’ <3

my bad carpet says:

Still love you Biergans

Ana Luiza Matines says:

I love you


i love this song <3 

Angelica Salatan says:

My sister was a Fan of urs Bruno she’s crazy 0ver u… and shes 12

Minh Nguyen Huu says:

Like this is someone broke your heart and you listen to this song countless
times :( …

Michael Johnston says:


Jaqueline Luiza says:


grace davis says:

A guy from my school looks like a kid version of him only hes way cuter

Playstationgamer999 says:

I liked a girl that her and I were extremely close friends. I’m a freshman
and so is she, but now it’s not the same. She started dating this guy who
smokes and “died” from alcohol poisoning, but got revived and is on
probation, and does some not good things, but I told her we should talk
more and hang out. Whenever I listen or hear this song it reminds me of
her. Some of you guys probably know how I feel. It hurts, actually hurts,
to think about it. This song is just like a bullet through my heart, but I
still like it. It’s horrible what High School can do to some people. :'(

amar Sarkaria says:

I love you bruno mars!! be my bromace!!!!!

krishna roy says:

your the best

Laís Silva says:


Marcio Leão says:

crying forever

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