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CALIBAN – yOUR Song (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO). Taken from the album “Ghost Empire”. Century Media 2014. Cloud Music Typography Get it now: Impericon: http://sma…


BiotreX says:

The words in this song doesn’t only have the meaning to Caliban Every band
is the same every band has to travel even though all of them are tired and
exhausted but in the end we all enjoy watching them just as they enjoy
playing for us unlike those fucking Gaga, Cyrus and justin Gayber who would
sell they’re souls to the devil or the CEo of whatever company they signed
we Metalheads make bands be more motivated to play for us just as they
motivate us to form our own bands!!

BioSage says:

Amazing song! I’ve always liked this band, they should come to Puerto Rico

Александр Бойко says:

Like this song!

xxbizk1txx says:

cool riff. rest is boring as hell.

Adrian Zamora says:



love it !

Thanasis nos says:

All the album is awesome!

Rammstone says:

I’m not a fan of lyric videos, but great song, and fantastic album!

Fonsoh Shepard says:


Krisna Putra says:

I always bring Caliban’s song in many stages..

Federico Cardazzo says:

15/5/’14 @new age club,i will never forget that night, best band I’ve ever
seen ♥

XmaniektojaX says:


Dekdi Bali says:

This is such a great song !!!!!!!!!

Matheus Duarte says:

Insane Breakdown!!! 2:57

Rick Pollock says:


Ray Montez says:

Thanks All cremated equally as Peter had said R.I.P ROCK ON 4 LIFE!!!

emily rod says:

Mainly the best metal songs of all our the ones to mosh too & have meaning
to it! m/ 

Magdalena A. says:

I love this !!!!!

DeathinHand says:

well.. that was okay.. I guess? Not was I hoping for I suppose.

Denis Shtabnoy says:

Khabarovsk is looking forward to you, Caliban!!

BorgliMovies says:

So underrated. :(

Wolfgang Hafner says:


TheAnselmoE says:

Good stuff!

Mariano Bericat says:

Enormous song

David Herrera says:


captaineye666 says:

Really good lyric video.

RAGEblackP says:

I love this song!
Thank you!

TheNitrin says:

1:59 this is the NOAF Stage 2012 😀 Hellyeah

CloudMusicTypography says:


Thank you, was great fun to make!

Brian Smith says:

Well, that wasn’t a very good song. was more tolerable than the last two
from this album, but that’s not saying much. I really liked I Am Nemesis
and a bunch of their earlier work, and this is majorly disappointing.

JarheadSteelBallz says:

We are the many! We are one! This is our song! m/

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