Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch

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emppuuz says:

Bovver gse

Tiko Tonoyan says:

0:52 Click Here,You’ll thank me later !! 

Nima Liyanage says:

sounds like sexy muffin……

Matt Mastracci says:

Calvin Harris and Florence Welch (the “Florence” from “Florence and the

Michael Harrison says:

what the fuck just happened…

Joceline Gladden says:

I love Florence, but this song is horrible. The lyrics are good, though.

FlyHii says:

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Filip Juricin says:

the guy who gets beaten up,etc. is played by Leo Gregory, who played Bovver
in Green Street Hooligans!

Nightcore Central says:

I just made a nightcore of this song, anyone interested feel free to check
it out :)

MarcDeLaGetto says:

im a blk guy and i gotta hide this song from my itunes library when my
friends use my computer…

shah rin says:

wtf, she is 27years old

Anaya Campos says:

unsecond thought this song is abuse like what the f****

Evelyn Vaughn says:

Is this song about abuse?

Abdulrahman Mohsen says:

Calvin Harris is soooo Amazing

Tautvydas Bukauskas says:

sexy dolphin

RachRose says:

Sweet Nothing♥

Giobertonic says:

Famtastic song lol

joaquin garcia avendaño says:


Asiana Martin says:

I love this song hey guys listen to the song

Autumn Chill says:

I don’t get it……..

kunkunca says:

Sex with a dolphin.Sweet dolphin.

Lídia Barros says:


Tammy Vega says:

Me encanta

kebrina maxwell says:

whose the girl and whose Calvin i m so confuse but cool song dude 

Game Bol says:


RehanRC says:

There is a Jalapeno!

Joshua Obando says:

I thought David Bowie was lip syncing at first…

alex eastham says:

Apparently she was cheating, got caught, her man dotted them eyes, she told
calvin harris aka her man on the side, he paid to get his ass beat by some
thugs, she felt bad about it so she tore up the stage haha

Gisselle Cuevas says:

SG GDR VG from good

cupidilidily says:

Ayyye!! Its bovahhh!!!

Yaneitza Espino says:

I like this song

GotekPL says:


Samara RJ says:

Do you wanna be my girlfriend 

Hercules Guimarães says:


Ashley Oliver says:

This song speaks volumes to me

wilczureks says:


theblobsterguy99 says:

4.05 That guys a bit to old for her?

Cyntia Saenz says:

Ohhhh!!! Pilerazaaaa!!!

manoela souza says:


lucy horan says:

cool song

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