Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier – OFFICIAL Trailer 2 [HD] 2014 Movie

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Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier. Marve…


mgc26133 says:

If they’re shooting you, they’re bad

That’s genius! 

TheFury92Returns says:

The Winter Soldier is Bucky, I think…
If corrected, he redeemed himself, from the God-awful first movie

Israel Moreno says:

Looks promising

Edgar Lopez says:

Who was that guy covered by a blanket??????? Hawk Eye????

Fly says:

Oh that’s coming out a lot earlier than I expected. 

livion7 says:

Ok if this movie sucks…..I’m just not gonna watch movies anymore!

Torin Salter says:

i swear to god if they make this movie a comedy like they did iron man 3…

K3eOne says:

From the looks of this, this going to be like The Dark Knight to Batman
Begins for the Captain America movie franchise…. holy shit the way they
did The Winter Soldier IS BEYOND anything i could imagine…. he’s so
fucking badass holy shit.

Torin Salter says:

hes fast hes strong has a metal arm and looks just like my old friend bucky

Key M says:

buckey?u f in suck

Nitin Mandal says:

woooooooooooooo AWESOME

Mike Chaffin says:


Kishan Jeter says:

I can’t wait for $ony to release Spiderman back to Marvel so he can join
the Avengers and become Ultimate Spiderman! Supposedly, Marvel has the
option to purchase back the rights to the Spiderman franchise in 5 years or
so. I think that by the time the deal happens that the Marvel franchise
will be burned out?

Batfreak11 says:

1:17 the eyes of a friend…

Altair says:

cant wait

halesx1976 says:

The Winter soldier aka Bucky becomes Captain America for a short time after
Chris Evans character dies(at least in the comics)Then after him its Tony
Starks teenage friend who takes the role Alex Barnes.

Doug Hill says:

The Winter Soldier is Bucky, for all Captain America enthusiasts out there.

ImmortalHomicide says:

True marvel fans know who the winter soldier really is and who he works

Ellen Philpotts-Page says:

0:16 [The guy on the right] I’m only intrested in seeing this film because

elgato9o says:


laurasue8able says:

Ahh maybe 2014 will be good year for me ^_^

proofblackops98 says:

Holy shit that trailer is badass!

tenknics says:

The trailer was great but one thing I don’t understand…why, of all their
properties, reference “Avengers Assemble” which is a cartoon, when saying
“THe studio that brought you”


stefander2 says:

maybe Cap’ will form the Secret Avengers at the end of this film? That
could be cool

stefander2 says:

wow this movie looks awesome

Anna X says:


cine, film, movies says:

tambien la esta mos esperando con impaciencia

Trailers Movie Fans HD says:

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