Carson Lueders – Beautiful (Official Music Video)

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Beautiful available on iTunes: Watch the “Behind the Scenes”: Produced and written by…


NaRNiaaAHoRSe says:


Mishka Husky says:

the video is back 😕

Glitterfashionlover4 says:

Justin bieber want to be

Stephanie Becerra says:

You are so cute carson

Carson Lueders says:

Beautiful Official Music Video!!! Calling in the Luedizer troops for
promotion. Please RT and view on my channel now. Thanks!

bread tango says:

Carson is definitely the best if you notice he doesn’t get any haters that
shows you the kid has true talent Great job you had this song stuck in my
head for two days I think it’s time for Carson to do some stage shows

Ana Julia Maia says:

I don’t have favorite part in this vid,because the vid are all perfect
hahah ;D thank u for all Carson,u is my idol @BgirlBRazil on twitter xoxo

Patricia Borrero says:

Watching over and over again

maria diretioner says:

he is so cute !!! ♥<3

simon. H. says:

It is a very good song I love it. And the music video is also good 😉 

MyLimix987 says:

Awww this is so cute!

mya nelson says:

how old is he?

yu-hua cheng says:

i like the way he dances.

Polly Portilla says:

I love you <3

QuirkyGirlSmiles says:

Cute kid…Let’s see where he is when he hits 19.

&$PanikGamming$& says:

Ha saw ur post on insta

Katie Duffy says:

138 people aren’t beautiful.

ElenaFallon97 says:

Incredible video Carson! You’ve got some great talent! Keep up the great
work! :)

Alicia Caro says:

This makes me feel old. lol

giovanna santos says:

OMG My sky god who will grab this kid and then he really hot Brazilian fan

kerem yanik says:

You are so goooooooodddddddddd

Franchesca Hadal says:


Nae Livingston says:

Nice Song Carson

Shyann Kerr says:

I love this song Carson!!! :)


I watched it to 1:43.

Kadin McIntire says:

I subscribed can u subscribed back

PRImomoliang says:


kim staal Rasmussen says:

so cute god par so cute kontakt me pls 40929455 pls i am plade konceler you
can be a be beautiful songer i minfd call me pls i am so impressive

Victoria Saputo says:

I love song ♥

MartyDeeks says:

Awesome Carson! 😀 <3

minnesotalax says:

Nice song sounds good good job keep it up

Bor Sulin says:


Patricia Borrero says:

We have to get this to 100k views! Go go go! Refresh not replay!

kenny2006sp says:


Ashley Nulisch says:

cool daces

Jeawel Marie says:

Jordyn dances great. <3
Beautiful song btw ;)

LuLu B says:

Carson, I´m sooooo proud of you ;((( I know you and you ARE talented!!! :)
You´re B-E-A-A-U-U-TIFUL :) I love you <3 #Carsonizer HeartBeat.... :))

Khonnie Ventus says:

Please follow me in twitter Carson Lueders you are amazing 

Marianne Peterson says:

Carson is so talented. Wow! Really good song!

Paula Segundo says:

Awesome! Good job !

SammyNVlogs says:

Check out my cover of this song!!

kia kiza says:

I love this song i got it on my phone

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