“Catchy Show Titles” – Gabriel Iglesias (from Stand-Up Revolution)

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“Catchy Show Titles” – Gabriel Iglesias (from Stand-Up Revolution) at Nut Crazy Talent


TehNinjaFlute says:

I live right next to AJ, and that was funny as hell. Fucking awesome.

Luke Fong says:


Laquisa Searcy says:

Lol so funny!

Kathryn Herrera says:

SLAP-A-HOE SUNDAY XD best freaking line ever

pkar98 says:

watermelon wednesday :3 YUMM i want a watermelon now…

Dylan Johnson says:


tomasrocha rocha says:

Slap o hoe Sunday!

joewaldo1 says:

view 2283283 i feel special : p

gabe enoch says:

what does :3 mean

John Limdimas says:

Slap-a-Hoe Sunday! The best!

evan matthew says:

but thats mean though

Israel Perez says:

te la rifas gabriel

sporksgaming says:

At least you don’t live in McIntrye, Georgia. I hear they have fat moms
with neck crust.

Berlyn Flores says:

Oh my god slap a hoe Sunday I’m dying!!

VencoBg says:

I see what you did there.. D:

Rayan Ahmed says:

I drink when you drink…

robby small says:

slap a hoe sunday

Kyle Panther says:

Pffft you hardly ever drink then.

Wojciech Jankowski says:

I think anyone who’s against immigrants should what gabriel’s videos,

TongueSnap says:


Netherwolf6100 says:


Daniel Saroop says:

Slap a hoe Sunday

John Stuck says:

funny part is were I come from we have mud bog sunday

dylan kestler says:

i agree

faith santos says:

fried chicken friday!

Buuub08 says:

So you gotta make up double today for yesterday.

Christopher Ipina says:

That means you only drink two times a year, when it’s your birthday, and
when it’s not your birthday.

Seck Vlogs says:

That should be a thing LOL…

Chris Irish says:

Max Rubenstein says:


Lauren Lyons says:

slap a hoe sunday

Gabriel says:

Just posted a new video on my youtube! 😛 http://youtu.be/-jgpGMnJZO0

If you like it, please share it :)

Ryan Liske says:

A video from my favorite Comedian, Gabriel Iglasias!

Edmond Dantes says:

I just haaaaaad to post it!!


Ivan Celis says:

More Fluffy!

Ana Karen Escobar says:

LMFAO to all the races

MantasEU says:

how to be a good stand up comedian ?


this guy is friggin hilarious

Anthony Grigorian says:

Today is White Trash Wednesday!

Jacob gonzalez says:


Thebajancandianftw says:

He is awesome

Ramiro Cantu says:

Slap a hoe Sunday

Magic Guy Could Be says:

you should narrow that down to days that end in day

Estwuar Juarez says:

I would pay to see slap a hoe Sunday

Leilani Smith says:

i like the fried chicken friday lol

1dniallersprincess says:

Lmao the rednecks xD

Blakeyboy Gaming says:

Funniest thing ever

lance fisher says:


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