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This film is a true story about Celine Dion, Very good film.


Lorna Lou says:

Just like to point out that I am not french, The french subtitals came up
by mistake and I couldnt get rid of them.
But thankyou everyone who likes this video, will be uploading more soon,
just been so busy as I am now a mother.

James Martin says:

There’s a huge amount of historical inaccuracies in this movie, but the
Eurovision scene is brilliant (apart from the arena) – right down to her

Stephy BasaNava says:

Beautiful movie!

brandontaylor14 says:

I just hated the fact that her French background was completely ignored…
her demo and “Ne partez pas sans moi” was replaced by English songs…

Megan Oldfield says:

I ADORE CELINE DION she’s my idol and my inspiration I would love to.have a
voice like hers, but I also adore Rene Angelil too he has done so well to
bring her to the top can’t actually believe that the rene angelil in this
film is married to the real celine dion but he’s older now so is celine
herself but I still adore both of them aswell as their 3 sons rene-charles
nelson and eddy over all I think that this film deserves a 1000000 its just
so good I watch it all the time xx

Mady Greer says:

I love Celine so damn much!!!!!!!

Jenny Smith says:

thank you so much for uploading!

Thunesite says:

This is a poor, pathetic excuse for a Biography of someone of Celine Dion’s
caliber, status, and fame.

faith gilliam says:

i like the movie but not the actress and they should of used celines voice
for the songs i think but over all 9/10

MrsCristinaDepp says:

lol renes happy dance

mileena manty says:

did her house actualy start on fire as a kid?

Bizbizzo Bizzo says:

The movie is perfect but the actors are so wrong, even her hairstyles and
some dialogues aren’t the same like in some of her interviews……. but
still its nice

Jolanta Olchowicz says:

I have to say its absolutely beautiful and unike story..love story.I didnt
realize that they first started to work together when she was only 12 and
he was already 38 years old..

lynn thali says:


Leslian Policarpio says:

thank’s to upload the vidio :)

mjswife100 says:

good movie but they should made it longer added some more stuff about
Celine Dion.

Sarah Davidoff says:

Beautiful film, ok so it’s not entirely accurate but it’s close enough and
very moving. Just love this film! The actress who plays Celine as an adult
looks and sounds a tiny bit like Celine (I mean when she sings) but of
course no one can compare to the diva herself! Weirdly enough I think the
actress looks most like Celine in the bit right near the end of the film
where she cries during an interview

Mary Quinn says:

Love Celine Dion

Tristan Foster says:

The movie was alright a lot of it is false but there are some truths in
there first of all she never got hit by a car

Keola Spencer says:

39:45 What song is this?? I love it!!

Bayyinah Rose says:

All the actresses they picked didnt even come close to looking like Celine.
They just picked actresses with big long noses to try to make them look
like they had Celine’s nose.

kalala tauapai says:

wish we heard celine . beautiful movie. i love celine

Zuleika R.B. says:

I LOVVEEE this movie ;( 

Olivia Glick says:

What’s the name of the song where it goes, “it’s for real, it’s for real,
can you feel it?”



Dominic Don says:

its a true inspiring love story 

Harrison Vincent says:

Nice movie ……

Todo Real says:

I’m soooo in love with this fantastic movie! <3

D. L. Havens says:

What is the song she is singing at 38:08?? I love it!!! I googled her
songs and typed in some of the lyrics but still can’t find the song…
There are several of us that want to know the name…

Orieta A. says:

Not everything is true, some parts do but it’s just a movie. They made some

Cobi Hayes says:

And got married in 1996. Titanic came in 1997.

jazmyne lockhart says:


Neves Diana says:

A beautifull love story. She is amazing!

chrisdale737 says:

What an amazing film, 10/10

ms_julie says:

awesome movie!

gercel binayug stark says:

very good movie,,,,i love it,

magneticwonder says:

Lady Stark?

Jolanta Olchowicz says:

Hmm the actress is not good choice.


Just beautiful

Cobi Hayes says:

She announced her love to Rene in the notes of her “Colour of my Love” CD
in 1992, not after Titanic. 

love duque says:


India Black says:

Wow great movie about Celine,I wish it was longer of the movie.

Frank Pitochelli says:

Her mother seemed to be a bitch, more worried about the meal ticket than
her daughter’s happiness. Although, I was surprised yrs.ago when I realized
Rene was much older and they were married, however, she stayed true and
loyal to him,then, and now. He is very ill now, of course, the movie made
him out to be a snob at first, but, only the family and Celine, Rene,
really know the truth.

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