“Chalao Na Naino Se” Baan Re Full Song with Lyrics | Bol Bachchan | Ajay Devgan, Asin

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Watch the lates song “Chalao Na Naino Se” from the upcoming bollywood movie Bol Bachchan starring Ajay devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin and Prachi Desai. Dire…


Atul Jagtap says:

atul jagtap

Mahesh R N says:

Movie is with me..


one of best bollywood….

Niva Ranavat says:

oh indian sings are so weird

HRaj Purohit says:

For Smone…. I Love

samiya khan says:

sona zarur good song…………………………………..

Riyad hraday says:

riyad,,,,,,,,,,,,,”Chalao Na Naino Se” Official Song with Subtitle | Bol
Bachchan | Ajay Devg

Gaurav Kangane says:

Chalao Na Naino Se Ban Re from Bol Bachan Flim

cem demir says:

hastayım danslarına :)))

Nilesh Tikal says:

best song of Himesh without using his NOSE….

Abdul Malik Khan says:

so nice…

MrSuman43 says:

exactly!! cant stop laughing…didnt notice it before..

Amir Khan says:

very nice song

Ryan Naidu says:

my aunty likes this song

Vicent santafosta says:


AnAh ArOrA says:

haahahahah… diss song iss.. miiinndd blowingg…

Randhir Arora says:

asin is good dancer

Animesh Anand says:

himesh in normal style… awesom

talon pulse says:

If i wanted to see a bunch of fat people who cant dance id YouTube a
richard simmons exercise video

Ngaranpam Luithui says:

i loved it..

Ashu Nitin Anant says:

Anastasiya Bykhovski.. Saale, kuttay… Hamare India ko gali na de… Tera
to saale naam bhi itna sadoo sa hai…. Ja mar apne firangistan mein..
Shaamil ho saale… tera bhooton mein naam re..

Akshay Iyer says:

I liked the song and the English subtitles are so cheap 😀 .

Jevin Ramkorun says:


modi839 says:


mdnizam uddin says:

i love ajay

Nitin Samdade says:

to tere behan ko bhej de

samiya khan says:


Bhat Jibran says:

Himesh rocked it

nimraVevo says:

the first time i heard this song i thought it was potty instead of body

Sunil Prasad says:

She looks anorexic. She needs to eat some pork chops immediately.

Klamek Awamer Klamek Awamer says:

i like this is woooo of dance &song

mumotul s says:


Mehedi Talukder says:


max lee says:


nadir khan says:

Hits song

ghirish nowjee says:

himesh reshammiya is a very good singer :) i love him very much i dont knw
why people hate but i love that it i dont care from mauritius lots of love

rakesh srivastava says:

ites butifull song .i injoyed thoroughly.its remind me oldi bhagawan dada

Salman Khan says:


prem gurung says:

i like this song too much cause ajay is looking very fuuny

lokendra gothwal says:


Ramesh pindar says:

my fav.song

missmaroc007 says:

Great song…I love Bollywood et I LOVE ASIN 3 let’s go Dance!!!!!!!!

Pankaj sriwastav says:


MrDontHaveusername says:

Don’t exactly agree with you. This could have been translated better. The
traslation of songs or dialogues don’t have to be word by word translation.

Khan Jabir says:


Akshay Agarwal says:

gaana is fantastic

jegan nil says:

himesh pirated this song in old south inadian foc song

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