Cher Lloyd – Want U Back ft. Astro

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Want U Back is released 19th February in the UK. Click here to buy your copy from iTunes now! Music video by Cher Lloyd feat. Astro perf…


Samantha Musasa says:

nice song

Sophia Glod says:

how old is astro?

Sarah Rooker says:

That moment when you realise this is the female version of One Direction’s

samira imran says:

1song 2music videos she is crazy

Kool Alizon says:

better video than the us version

Jurgen Ploegmakers says:

Hello, for new Cher Lloyd music and videos go to my channel! Cher Lloyd’s
new single “Dirty Love” has released already!

Hillary Martins says:

I know this vid is a little old, but why did they make a US version instead
of just having that original version?

FCO mechi lambre says:

Wow! Perfect

Nina Gandolfo says:


NextMintJuice says:

You are sooooo pretty Cher <3

Jessy dip says:

DirectionBrat aguantee las Directioner y las bratss!! ♥

maddy johnson says:

Love her she looks like my friend

Jessie Harper says:

omg i want her voice!:)

Jaden Jordan says:

Uh… John Smith… Why the fuck did you have to say “some black kid” how
come didn’t say some African American you racist Bitch…

Leah MSP says:

Us One is way better x and that boy ugly….

Cher Lloyd says:

ilove this song

renata ifill says:

i love you you rock

Malena Altieri says:

I ♥ This is video

Alyssa Gillis says:

Pretty good, but I like the us version better.

khrystyan pittman says:

Love this video

Marian Reid says:

That boy is a call good rapper 

Tatiana Mateo says:

I like both of the music videos yes there is two but i still like both

Victòria Sánchez says:


charliton bragga says:
rocksterlilly girl Msp says:

i want u back is the best

Maria Guadalupe Flores says:

i like the song

Brittany Zillmer says:

I <3 Cher Lloyd

Jamie Zapala says:

omg i have that shirt white shirt with a pink love heart

Victoria Belle says:

Illuminati :( the 666 sign 

Claudia Galligan says:

I’ve never seen the video for this version. I heard it before but never saw
it. It is better than the US version!!! GO UK!!!<3<3<3

Ahbria Dudley says:

love this song

Mele Tausinga says:

I don’t why people sooooo mean.

Nyla Majette says:


Donna Fox says:

i watch US version and this one because they seem older in this one

Cianni Crawford says:

He’s not even all that cute

tatiana étoile says:

OMG <3 <3

shahad sean says:

boy u can say anything u wanna i don’t give a shit no one else can have ya

Gaby Zumba says:

Owww hermosaaaaaaaaaaaaa♥♥ #BratAlways 

Elana Bell says:

I like the us one better

natalie olech olech says:


Ania Kowalska says:

I love this song

Scarlett Donavon says:

2:17 that face xD

Lara Smiljanic says:

cher is cutier tyen her

Raven Bridge says:

I KNO how to do these effects

Tahira Ahmed says:


Marissa Hunter says:

I like the US version a bit more then this one besides the clothes.

Carri Mel says:

I hate astro, but I love Cher Lloyd

Tori Gibson says:

I like the USA version better but still amazing.

olivia scibelli says:

I never knew there was a rap version?!? but still loved it I did this song
for the talent show with a boy and everyone loved it

RobloxGirl LoverXD says:

i notice she means one like” no one can have you” means if i can’t have you
then no one can..

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