Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me

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Music video by Christina Aguilera performing You Lost Me. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment.


marianne dufour says:

terri634 says:

She nailed it!

Jorge Cocheret says:

:( ♥

Gosia Ros says:

<3 beautiful! <3 ♥♥♥ *.*

Kareem Hazou says:

Wow she looks beautiful, & this song is amazing.

Xenia Chrisospathi says:

It’s ok, Christina, now Matt is here so he can make you happy, and all
together you ‘ll make a beautiful, beautiful family. :)

Johanna040713 says:

I just put my make-up on I can’t listen to this now.

Daniel Arriaga says:


Alan Hernandez says:

So Underrated ! ! :/

Kayla Hayden says:


Anderson St. Martin says:

True lyrics… great beat… awesome song!
I might do a cover one day… it’s just perfect.
I do covers btw. could you please check any of them out? they’re pretty
Sorry if i bothered… it’s not what i meant!
Thank you!

FruityHachi says:

this is phenomenal. both, song and video.

Cirque du Soleil says:

This song sounds…broken and tired. Truly like a broken heart. It almost
hurts to listen to, yet it is so beautiful. Let this remind us that our
struggles create parts of us that are also broken and tired. But we are
still beautiful, perhaps even more so for it.

will thompson says:

Wow she sounds amazing I love xtina they is not one song of xtina I don’t
like #xtina

Terrie Woods says:

Love hurts… Sometimes…

Andrew Long says:

I am done

Александр Пав says:


Elizabeth Martinez says:


Boy Takas says:

I am done

Martina Kähli says:

Awesome <3

florin doss says:

Amazing song….wow…beautyfoul voice…

Emily pie says:

I love this Song ♥

Julia Lewis says:

lool explains my last relationship… its been a 8 months now… I can
finally say that I am over you… I don’t get it… a girl gives her boy
everything, what does he do in return? he cheats on her… a lot of guys
only want one thing.. sex…. #pigs #cheatedon 

gisela pulido says:

one of my favorite voices & super beautiful!

Roma Gehad says:

In Love With this song :’) <3

Diana Petcu says:

Hey! 😀 It only takes a few seconds to read it.
I really appreciate good singers like Christina Aguilera .
I made 2 covers for the song ‘You lost me’ .
Please listen to both of them and I hope you will feel the message in the
same way I feel it.
Subscribe if you want to hear more of my covers. Enjoy the music. <3

murat gökmen Alatekin says:


priscilla ramires says:

Adoro Christina Aguilera…

Arinny Octavianie says:

I feel like our world’s been infected
And somehow you left me neglected
We’ve found our lives been changed
Babe, you lost me

PrimRose Knowles says:

Christina >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Britney

Malinda Shaw says:

So So true. Weee had Magic and this Tragic.

Екатерина Куприна says:

Christina the best!!!

Wong Kenneth says:

this song just reminded me how amazing Christina is :) cried over this jeez

mire106 says:

Damn I feel like I should be in this video as Christina. amazing video

Jadranka Brkic says:

She is a fantastic , love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sia Souhali says:

You lost me

Rebecca Sanchez says:
Ty Wilson says:

She really shines when she sings a ballad, just so easily displays the
emotional depth necessary to understand these songs.

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