CMA Country Christmas 2013 ((Full Show))

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GuriMalla2010 says:

All simple videos from this concert is on my “RonjaGM” channel. See the
description for link

Monstertrkcrzy says:

next year bring in tim mcgraw, sarah evans, jason aldean, carrie underwood,
florida georgia line and kelly clarkson.


why the heck is mary j blige joinin this show when she is no country at

Clare Thomas says:

Love Jennifer, but it really should be called CMA pop bubble-gum christmas.
Kellie Pickler the only hint of country int he show

disneyanime729 says:

Thanks for uploading this, I was there when they were taping it and I was
sitting so close to the stage it was so fun.. glad to see it agin cause I
missed it every time it was on tv..

Nick Sherma says:

WOOooooooooow! :OO amazing ! :*

Betty Lewis says:

Luv This CMA Country Christmas Show–it was Great!

Paulina Shin says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jimrif Arter paseki says:

wish i could be there….

mosrite60 says:

The ABC network actually allowed the word “Merry Christmas” wow! They must
be desperate for ratings. This is Christmas show alright , but please do
not refer to as Country. The water has passed under the bridge years ago! 


New Christmas song!! Jair & Mark – Christmas with you 2013 PRE-RELEASE

Kriss Angel says:

ahhh HUNTERRRRRR Hayes love him and Jake Owen yess 

Rebecca Pant says:

Jennifer’s son Magnus is so gorgeous!!! And to y’all saying it’s not
country… What they mean by CMA Country Christmas is that country artists
are singing Christmas songs… Some of y’all aren’t to bright.

Justine Bénier says:

I love Pretty Little Liars and Lucy Hale sings very well

Nece Clarke says:

More please C.M.A and Mary J .Blige awesome. awesome !!

Hanna Gonzales says:

D’aw Hunna, Sammy, an Devo<3 welp thats all I really wanted to see:)

Madi Barlow says:

No Scotty McCreery? How could they, no Blake Shelton, Martina McBride…haa
maybe next year

Karesz Gál says:

Werry nice, Merry Cristhmas,for all peoples on the World…
I m Charles from Budapest. I like that song, Country music is the

markita b. says:

wonderful thanks for upload it

widdleweindeer1st says:

I like how many people are saying this isn’t a country Christmas show 😛
Hate to break it to you people but there are only so many ways you can sing
about a redneck christmas. Also it’s the singers genre’s that make it
country. Everyone did a fabulous job <3 

Elizabeth Hoefs says:

I saw kellie 2 times in Albert Lea,MN….I have like 10 pictures of her!

bigxdaddyx2008 says:

Come on now ya’ll should not argue alright I live out in the backwoods of
NC and we say MERRY CHRISTMAS cause let’s face it bein politcally correct
is a pain in the ass and COUNTRY music is COUNTRY Music so get over it!

Edwin Yee says:

Lucy Hale sang just awesome! She looked mighty pretty!

ageingtrucker says:

Country my Ass !

janusz ares says:

Country Christmas 2013 ((Full Show))

Mariana Valdez says:

Thanks for posting this! :)

simhui89 says:

Hands up if you’re watching it in 2014!

Ken Ray says:

Some of you people are beyond belief. This a CHRISTMAS show featuring
multi-talented COUNTRY artists. That’s why it’s called “Country Christmas”.
What’d y’all expect…banjos and a Deliverance backdrop??

novadude1968 says:

luke is a class act

Monic Winter says:

Enjoy for country fans !

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