Cobra Starship: You Make Me Feel… ft. Sabi [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Cobra Starship’s music video for ‘You Make Me Feel…’ featuring Sabi from the album, Night Shades – available now on Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen. Visit htt…


Haloreach2323 says:

So I was doing some research about this band called midtown who broke up in
2005. They sang one of my favorite songs “become what you hate” . I just
learned that The lead singer Gabe Saporta singer of cobra starship used to
be lead singer of midtown. pretty neat.

Bubbli Gill says:

Hmm this sounds familiar I love it gives me a good feeling 

Kirai Bane says:

♪ *DAY 06* – ” *You Make me Feel* by *Cobra Starship* This song makes me
think of how much fun me and my best friends have together and how every
time we go somewhere it is like a party. Also, me and one of them always
just start abruptly singing it whenever its quiet and class and the other
one joins in. ♫

iluvapples says:

Hey this is the song the radio ust to play every 2 minutes! ^-^

Manar Tariq says:

my jam

Merchi Sananes says:

You make me feel … 

Nicolas Antunez says:


01hondascott says:

the guy at 2:40 is he the guy from songs in real life and chat roulette
wrecking ball parody??

tatianna henry says:


AwesomenessBigRock says:

The Nightclub’s play it so much so here i came for it

xBaseHead says:

I think I love Sabi

Thomas Dixon says:

I remember this song :o

Zoé Deffontaine says:


Sham k says:

His a different sia?

Bobby Yanakiev says:

She looks like Shakira and sings like Rihanna, doesn`t she!

joice3233 says:

And after all she has been in the bar all this time lol.”Looking for you
around the world.” Lol

Jessica Popkowski says:

i love this song !!!

jacob parker says:

I love when it shows robin Williams with a beard. (1:27)

Eden Coanqui says:

Buenasaaaaaaaaa :3

javiplay12 says:

la la la you make me feel lalalal @( ̄- ̄)@

salma jaafor says:

I though that was Rihanna’s voice !! 

jason ogidi says:

the song was cut from gta 5 . it was going to be on Non-Stop Pop FM

Catiuska Carozzi says:

Pierre Bouvier O: ?

Món BPA says:

1:28 Robin Williams?????????????????????????”

hunter pritchard says:


Courtney Mumford says:
Dokota Fanning says:

At 1:29 it looks like robin willias

Alyssa Kilgore says:

Sabi is black and latina. Dont forget the BLACK part. anyway I love her 

Emily P. says:

Bing… totes not product placement. 

Shiva Oswalt says:

This song… Memories ❤️❤️

ThatMade3 says:

2011 was a great year.

Brianna Sarah says:

i did this song for the talent show a couple years ago…… 

jasmine garcia says:

they played this at my b-day even my grandma was jammin Lol

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