Coldplay – Paradise (Official)

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Paradise is taken from the album Mylo Xyloto – get it from iTunes at


arxiSigma says:

I’m late to Coldplay…but I find this one of my favorites right now

Oscar Victor says:

not as good as fix you, viva la vida, yellow, the scientist, and the other
older Coldplay songs. 2:22 that is a lot of unnecessary auto tone. 

1HarryH says:


Cheri Guzman says:

Nice song!

Leon Kennedy says:


Charles Martel says:

Coldplay just keeps churning out great/awesome songs. 

nickability says:

In my opinion, this is one of the best songs ever made

NotYourUsualGamerZ says:

You guys realize its possible to like this as well as sky’s parody?

Lord RockyMiite™358 says:


Aleksy Sogliani says:

It’s so sad the people like a parody better than an original that BTW took
6 months to make. That parody probably took 1 week with the help of about a
dozen animators. The voice in the parody sounds like someone shoved a stick
down its throat…

Ismail Mustafa says:


Advait Shashidhar says:

This song is popular in North India like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and

Charles S Weibel says:


Ellie-may White says:

When my sister tells me to put an AMAZING song on i but paradise on :D

lori hendricks says:

So… Beautiful… :’)

Kathleen Woolever says:

Love this song


We will all be in paradise

Nathan Felisilda says:

cool song bro

replicacity92 says:

The paris performance is crazyy!

Lydia L Pineault says:

Love this song! — And of course, it’s Cold Play, so it sticks in your head
for days! :)

Annabelle Byrd says:

I love this song so much but but I hate it when people don’t like it and
put that they say they hate it

NoovaDJ says:

This song reminds me of the movie of Disney “UP”

MXCFootMasterIII says:

My friend was right, this song does describe Anri rather well. Thanks for

Aaron Fisher says:


Rocko Mireles says:

Mother of god good song

MINECREW Andrew says:

Love the song, prefer Sky’s though, it’s got more words BUDDER.

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