Conor Maynard – Turn Around ft. Ne-Yo (Official Video)

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Lou Martin says:

J’adore cette chanson §!

mwanamke2 says:

dang,this Conor kid is cute.I like

Victoria Ningshen says:

I dunno bout conor n stuff,, but dis song is totally cool… @@@@@

Prani Kitty says:

How many Justin Biebers are there?????????

Célia ficello says:

Ja do re jai me graves 

Sherry P. says:

I can’t wait for your new album, conor.

Kamarah Smith says:

But this though…

rami ayoub says:

This reminds me of the Next To You music video 

Victorias Secrett says:

This reminds me almost of Chris Browns- with you video ……just almost

seyar ebrahimi says:

Now bieber is out of america this guy is his replacer! Yeah, hail bieber 2.
Im wondering how long its going to take with this guy to go and do a crazy
ass street races under influence of pills and alcohol, and after that
getting kicked out of america :) hate me or not, i dare this is gonna
happen, just wait…..

claudia munari says:

looks like a teen wolf actor O.o
ne yo is amazing

Jan E says:

he looks like a more handsome version of king Joffey :v

Olyczka Ciba says:

Najlepsza piosenka !!!! <3

Ambyr Scheepers says:

So cool!
im getting a tear in my eye of happynes!!!

Natacha Kelchtermans says:

awesome :)

Steffy Steff says:

I love this song! ♥

Leslie Karolina Leon Fajardo says:


Viviana Tramacere says:

:) love you

lotfi sidimoussa says:

Nice One ^^

Alexis Walker says:

Really talented ppl on YouTube. He is one of them. Awesome man, props

Faith Fonseca says:

I don’t know…… But ne-yo is totally looking better then conor!

Raju Aadikari says:

my frevritae singer is conor
i love u 

kprez007 says:

Another Justin Fricken Beiber Clone

Caroline Zhong says:

Better than JB :p

醬油膏 says:

can’t say he doesn’t sing better…

Stephen Santacruz says:

Can there be a Ne-Yo only version of this song please?

Nancy-Lou Parker says:

Turn around and you’ll see Neyo!

inkera lawrence says:

I love this song

Osman Ibrahim says:

cool song……….

Livvia Daley says:

Omg this song is SOO addicting!

Ivy Van Der Louw says:

turn around

chloane abi allam says:

I love you sooooo much <3 

Wickx John says:

This song is awesome its remind me EX

mary diallo says:

This song is awesome n sooo goood

nona Love says:

so cool love the music

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