Daniel Powter – Bad Day (Official Music Video)

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“Bad Day” by Daniel Powter from Daniel Powter, available now. Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/10ONMNu Connect With Daniel Powter: Website: http://www.danie…


HubPLAY says:


Sam Feldstein says:

This song so deserved being the #1 song on the 2006 Billboard Year End

max contreras says:

Oooo siii

Ben Chung says:

Daniel Powter ,where are you now?i miss you

ProPuzoficj™ says:


Beauty93 says:

yeah.everyday is a bad day :(

Nathan Moore says:

I remember this song from the NFL commercial with the guy banging his head
on the shower wall xD

MrLyndonBJohnson says:

I remember when this song was popular back in 2006, I was 7 and I really
like this song because I was in the 2nd grade then and I was bullied
everyday because I was the shortest kid (I was extremely short) and I was
very shy. I would sing this song and it would make me feel much better.
Now, I’m almost 15 and I’m in high school, I’m not tall but i’m average
height and i’m no longer bullied and i’m not shy anymore. Thank You, Daniel

Inky Dragon says:

I remember listening to this song a long time ago… damn I still love this

Panda time says:

still a awesome song

Brenda karol says:

awwww <3

TheNinjaHamster says:

Having a bad day? Look on the bright side! Tomorrow’s going to be even

IDaBushbaby says:

first heard this off of alvin and the chipmunks 

Dylan Carrick says:

Don’t have a bad day have a good day cheer up

padawan menace says:

This is the song I listen to when me and +Kassi Connors argue

Micro Ice says:

He kinda looks like woody harrelson

Sadira Muhammad says:

Why did every one have such a bad day today

martinwilliam73 says:


Dj Gabbi says:

Life can be tough sometimes….
But you will always find a way to make it… :’)

Seun 'Tegbe says:

nice idea…great song…amazing how two miserable people can come together
and make a happy couple

Bradley Cushing says:

This song makes me sad,I’m leaving the school I’ve been at for tow years
this break :(

Caitlin Rush says:

I 1st heard this on Alvin + the chipmunks x

Kayla Kain says:

Today am having a bad day all my mom has been doing is yell ing me and am
tried of it all I whanted to do is take drugs and kill myself

fishcaketwice says:

Why didn’t the public stop them from graffiti? 

Alberto Rivera says:

My days are always sad this song fits me well :(

Jamerson Gomes says:

Sometimes the system goes on the blink and the whole thing turns out wrong.

Riaz A says:

Wroetoshaw brought me back to this aah, memories

Jesus Shuttlesworth says:

this song makes you smile for no reason

Abel Duron says:

ah… bring back to 2005, I love this song. It makes a good song for when
you had a bad day

Tahrim Hussain says:

luv d video

gabriel paulo says:

alvin e os esquilos ‘-‘

Fernando Kovalchuk says:

Insta videos ?!

vccstudents says:

Today, February 17, ’14, was a bad day. It was a vacation day for me, and
my mechanic has had my truck for TWO days and promised to call me if it was
going to be this long. He didn’t. It’s true what they say about riding a
bicycle. You really do never forget! 

RainbowNinja Dash says:

Wow even though this is so sad it just makes me smile c:

NicolauHorvath says:

I remember when my fish passed away bla bla bla enjoy the song jesus

Денис Бушуев says:

a beautiful story

Daxen GamingHD says:

i loved this song a long time ago when i was getting bullied in elementary
school, it helped me get back on my feet and actually stand up for myself,
i beat the kid up, lesson learned

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