Dave Chappelle – I Wrote This Song In 94´

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Dave Chappelle – I Wrote This Song In ´94 This is the Comedian again (Dave Chappelle) making a funny song about 2pac (Tupac Amaru Shakur) a rapper who got sh…


Ervontay Johnson says:


theblood1336 says:

what’s the beat in the beginning?

Theo D says:

+Paul Jasper 

wojanman32 says:

It was the dopest song I ever wrote, in 94

aluapzurc2 says:

lol genius

Liam Rogers says:


Polo Jordan says:


ViceCityVacation says:

Dave Chappelle, that ain’t your wife…A married man, you’ve got two
kids…GO HOOOME!!! I’m not ALIVE… Bwhahahahahaha fecking LOL

ska21 says:

@50games50 IDIOT! you absolute moron, that’s the point of the entire skit,
suck my 94 ba-ba-balls.

dahmir fitch says:


GozerTheGozerian says:

Of course it’s not a real Pac song, that’s the whole point of the joke.
Fucking kids. Dave Chappelle was revolutionary when he came out with his
show, people forget that was a decade before there was a black president
and half the shit we take for granted now.

AMclean99 says:

94 likes XD

D Wabbit says:

I replied a long time ago.. a real long time ago.

FiraGun90 says:

What the fuck is that? IT MIGHT BE DOO DOO!!!

assassinsfavorite17 says:

therunn5 season 3 i think episode 2 xD

Jeremiah Settle says:

I told you… stop hittin the table. LMAO!!!!

50games50 says:

dziwne bo 10 lat przed powstaniem gta sa ta piosenka powstała 😮

Skynetz says:

I’d probably say Hail Mary

Octaves Henry says:

Wtf is that it might be doodoo XD

8nuka says:

this the fuuniest shit

50games50 says:

song – 1994 gta san andreas – 2004 = ???

dahmir fitch says:

this is hilarious

MishimaKomplex says:

I told you stop hittin’ the table

john hall says:

It might be doodoo!

Nicolas Mellon says:

I really like the beat lol, like it could go in a serious song

DECHECK1 says:

the girl in the mini skirt has bad taste cuz her shirt dont mach there a
pudding stain on her back wtf is that it might be DODO!!!!

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