Dave Chappelle- Sesame Street

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Dave Chappelle’s stand-up about Sesame Stree on Killing Them Softly.


Krystal Lake says:

freedomfighterguy3 : Boo Berry is still around! It’s supposed to be blue
berry flavored, although it doesn’t really taste like them. But, it’s still
pretty good! The discontinued monster cereals were Fruit Brute (1975-1982)
and Yummy Mummy (1987-1992), but even they came back this year!

bluesugar58 says:

this will forever be funny.

EatLibertyCaps says:

get it together grouch… Get a job grouch

Travis Joosten says:

Laughing my ass off

chaunci shuler says:

he has a beautiful mind

Hito Sura says:

pssh one pssh two….Two Smack aaargh argh argh argh aaaargh.

Matt Hodgman says:

Bitch! I live in a Fuckin trash can!

steven blackwood says:

So so funny

Shawn Winston says:

Bitch I live in a fucking trash can.lmao

Leslie Ann Homer says:

So funny … Chappelle is t he best

white power says:

@seanfenir Elmo was played by a black man until it was discovered he is a
disgusting faggot who likes to prey on children.

Debra Lynn Paxton says:

…crying-laughing… :D

a.j. black says:

dear nate higgers kill yourself u knuckle dragging caveman. die u white

seanfenrir says:

well elmo is played by a black man. Problem?

FriedChickenMan4Life says:

Ernie is black, you racist dipshit!

demislandboys27 says:


MGSBigBoss77 says:

“How many times must i smack you before you act right?, 1…, 2 Two smacks
hahahahahahaha.” Lol so funny! Can’t ever watch Sesame Street again in
passing with my niece and nephew without thinking how messed up the show is
in the back of my mind again. Without thinking about Dave Chappelle’s
Sesame Street bit again, lmao.


“Get it together Grouch”!

ShineyMonkey245 says:

Funny shit.

jesus7es7dios7 says:

A troll? All I do is make an observation which is consistent with the
behavior of the people and how nothing is safe anymore to watch on T.V.,
and you go to 5th gear… What? Isn’t it accurate what I’m saying about the
perversion of television and now Kid’s show?

bigblackracoon says:

Out of everything I said, troll is the only thing that caught your
attention? SMH -_-

bigblackracoon says:

Let me give you some advice that was given to my by some elders. “It’s not
what you say but how you say it” You can preach about god all you want, but
if you continue to be a self righteous, condescending, judgemental, douche
about it, no one is gonna listen. Unless of course you’re a troll. If
that’s the case fuck off.

studinthemaking says:

when you think about it, its True

jesus7es7dios7 says:

anywho…. take care… you and I do not speak the same language.. and its
ok… I’m not going to convince you of anything… If you don’t agree..
then don’t… maybe others will… Alrighty,, take care… bye

M Guyver says:


Joseph Griffin says:

My childhood that I did not know ?? LOL . LOL

Jeremy DeCoste says:

Dave Chappelle sesame street

Michael Kim says:


Glenn Jerome Everette says:

Thanks +Deique Bleu I needed a great belly laugh.

Juha Purhonen says:

chris gaskins says:

Funny ass*****

Rachel Rubin says:

Seems so wrong yet is so funny…

Charlene Griffin says:

just 2 funni

Travis Lugo says:

Stacey Langley-Watts says:


Pdubz21 says:

Chris rock left HBO Dave needs ta tk his place

Justin Balogh says:

Yep. He lives on a farm in Ohio, lol. He’s not coming back.

Imani Lang says:

Watch his video about him leaving the illuminati “Spell” part 1

jorge terrones says:

hey try it but he didn’t want to go back he retired

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