David Guetta – Just One Last Time ft. Taped Rai (Official Video)

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“Just One Last Time” feat. Taped Rai. Available to download on iTunes including remixes of : Tiësto, HARD ROCK SOFA & Deniz Koyu http://smarturl.it/DGJustOne…


pika utatane says:

I’m criyig this is soo sad :(

VarisTheHacker says:

This is one of the best songs in the world! But anyone know it’s This is
the end “Sasha” or “Station”? Lol

Massiel Marmolejos says:

Awesome! I can’t stop to listening

Justin Best says:

1:15 Made me want to slap my Grandma.

Soham Mukherjee says:

I praise Taped Rai’s vocals and even though David Guetta’s beat breaks are
predictable, I never get tired of hearing them. This beat break sounds

miloradvlaovic says:

Now this is one of his ( extremely ) good works, not that lousy remix of
Bang Bang he had recently done. It’s appallingly bad

Chandu Nandasena says:

Your gone love it…again

Khaled Osama says:

Just one last timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! ♥

SpookyRemotes says:

Not really, just a thought

Connor Kitchen says:

door handle at the start looks like a face…

Janyless Milland says:


milana maricic says:

Best song in the world…..I love it!!!

mattywood27 says:

His ear fell off.! Did he save her?

Wazabi Sky says:

0:30 Where the best part start

meiiy ali says:

beautiful song supposed given thumbs up!! <3

Daniela Bedoya says:

I love this song :3

JIN LEE says:

I miss her when I listen this music ㅠㅠ

Fernanda Lúcia says:


Mayra Estrada says:

I love this song!!! And the video is the most amazing ive ever seen!!

Fatima Khan says:

that made me cry so cute

Luke Matthews says:

At the end its so sad

Logans8Run says:

This is the end * Sasha *

Sheckler UIR says:

not bad 

tehcommenterofepic says:

lol rekt

Muhammad Adib Majid says:

sweet touch ..

gabriel pacheco says:

this is the best song

ChRiS GaMeR says:


jose ramirez says:

it s amazing realy amazing

Anne Nascimento says:

Love this song. David Guetta it’s beatfull in this video music.

Rivers Bliss says:

*crying over Allegiant*

guillermo meneses mendez says:

David Guetta – Just One Last Time ft. Taped Rai


this song can make any man in love cry….

Anna Papathomas says:

That’s the best song ever by David Guetta

darcy cavanaugh says:

Ditto. Thank you 

wemerson dias says:


Samuel Soto says:

just one last timeEEE omg is the song increible

Zivota Spasojevic says:

damn i cry when i hear this song :D

Emiy Blue says:

whispers of tomorrow echo in my mind just one last timeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

Peter Johnson says:


ranfery quiroz says:

super chida groundout david guetta….!!!!!! Just One Last Time

Regiane Alves says:

legaallllllllllllll instiganteeeeeee

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